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Nazmul Hassan wants to investigate T20 WC debacle after BCB committee's report

BCB president believes the fact-finding committee's report may not yield much

Mohammad Isam
Mohammad Isam
A disappointed Mushfiqur Rahim walks back, Bangladesh vs West Indies, T20 World Cup, Group 1, Sharjah, October 29, 2021

Bangladesh were winless in the Super 12s round  •  Associated Press

Even as a two-member BCB committee looks into what ails the Bangladesh men's team, president Nazmul Hassan wants to conduct an investigation of his own. He wants to do so after Jalal Yunus and Enayed Hossain Siraj, the members of that committee, submit their report in December.
The committee was formed in the first place after Bangladesh's disastrous T20 World Cup campaign, where they lost all five matches of the Super 12s. In the preliminary stage, they also lost to Associates Scotland. Now, Hassan believes the current committee hasn't been able to find "anything substantial."
"The investigation is almost complete," he said. "They will submit the report soon. But they couldn't find anything big. I am not surprised by that. I knew this would be the case. It is not easy to find out what's wrong.
"We got a few important things but it is nothing related to the coaching staff. What can you do if the players say there's nothing wrong with the coach? You can't do anything then. If the players do have any problem with the coach, they won't say it easily.
"But this investigation is not enough. I think I should do interviews too. I interact a lot with the senior players. I want to talk one-on-one with some seniors and junior players. I want to sit with someone like Mahmudullah, since he won't go to New Zealand, shortly after they submit the report."
It wasn't just Bangladesh's poor performance that drew attention of the bigwigs. There were a couple of testy press conferences, too, involving Mahmudullah and Mushfiqur Rahim that were in the midst of a storm. The senior duo shot back at critics during the tournament, seemingly in response to Hassan's criticism of the team after the Scotland loss.
"I also hear about distance and misunderstandings with coach, but nobody from the right place is saying this," Hassan stated further. "If we can't get to the bottom of it, the problem won't be solved. We will take these decisions in January.
"We have to know the problem first. I know what's wrong. If there's anything wrong in the coaching staff, we will change it. What if they don't listen to the coach? It won't matter if we don't get another coach. The problem is complicated. We are trying to go as deep as possible, and take the just decision."
Hassan said that they also want to give the selectors a bit of time, as they are trying to rebuild the side.
"After the World Cup, this is probably the right time to improve on our weak points. I think they are experimenting now. Give them a month. If they are not steady, we have to interfere."

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84