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One-over eliminator could replace bowl-out

The ICC will discuss the possibility of introducing a one-over tie-breaker instead of the bowl-out in the case of a tied ODI or Twenty20 international

Cricinfo staff

Harbhajan Singh finds the mark in the bowl-out against Pakistan during the World Twenty20 in South Africa © Getty Images
The bowl-out has been used in two Twenty20 international games so far, but those could well be the only instances of its implementation in an international match. In the ICC Annual Conference which starts in Dubai on Sunday, the Chief Executives' Committee will discuss the possibility of replacing the bowl-out with a one-over eliminator in the case of a tied game.
Under the rules for the new tie-breaker, each team will nominate three batsmen and one bowler. Each side bats one over, with the innings being declared closed if it loses two wickets. If the teams finish tied on runs scored in that one over, the side with the higher number of sixes in its full innings and in the one-over eliminator will be declared the winner. If the teams are still tied, the one with the higher number of fours in both innings will win.
This tie-breaker has already been introduced in the ongoing Asia Cup in Pakistan, and will come into play if the final of the tournament ends in a tie. If approved, it will also be applicable in the semi-finals and final of the Champions Trophy later this year and the World Twenty20 in England next year.