Rain and bad light put an end to the top-of-the table clash between Bermuda and USA in Ontario on Friday. Bermuda needed to score 163 in 24 overs when the match resumed after a lengthy rain delay, but bad light soon put an end to the play in the third over. The match was later abandoned and declared a no result.

A partnership of 168 runs in 24 overs between Sushil Nadkarni (83) and captain Steve Massiah (81) set the USA on their way to a large total but two rain interruptions meant their innings was eventually deemed to have closed after the second stoppage. The USA made 213 for 4 in just under 35 overs.

Bermuda have completed their matches and end with three wins and a no result. The championship depends on the outcome of the USA v Canada game that is being played on Saturday at King City. A win for the USA might give them the championship, depending on overall run rate. The USA has two wins and this no result going into their final match.

Eddie Norfolk

Kanishkaa Balachandran is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo