ESPNcricinfo's Forecaster - you know all about it, don't you? - had some fascinating readings during the course of the Kings XI Punjab v Delhi 'Capitulation' game, especially in the manic last few minutes.

Midway through the 17th over of their chase of Kings XI Punjab's 166 for 9, Delhi Capitals were 144 for 3. Rishabh Pant was on 39 and Colin Ingram on 37.

Mohammed Shami had the ball, and had just been clubbed over long-on for six off the third ball of the over. Next ball, Shami pegged Pant's middle stump back. The ball after that, Chris Morris was run-out. And Delhi were 144 for 5. Fifteen balls later, Delhi were all out. Sam Curran had bagged a hat-trick, spread over two overs, and we had the worst collapse for the last seven wickets in IPL history.

Before going there, let's take a look at how Forecaster went into freefall as the innings progressed. From Over No. 3, when Delhi had consolidated after the early loss of Prithvi Shaw, to Over No. 18, the Forecaster never came down below 50% for a Delhi win. In fact, even at the start of the 18th over, they were at 84%, only a marginal dip from the 95% when Pant and Ingram were in the middle. By the start of the 20th over, it was down to 14.86%, before dipping to zilch.

And here's how our ball-by-ball commentary team recorded the non-stop procession of batsmen:

16.4 Mohammed Shami to Pant, OUT, but Shami is no pushover! Full, straight, knocks middle stump back! A hint of away swing too there, from a leg stump line. He wanted to cart this over square leg and completely missed RR Pant b Mohammed Shami 39 (26b 3x4 2x6) SR: 150.00

16.5 Mohammed Shami to Morris, OUT, oh boy this game is still alive! R Ashwin has knocked the stumps down at the non-striker's end and sent Morris back first ball! Hare-brained run that. Length just outside, punches straight to Ashwin at mid-off and takes off in a frenzy. Clean pick-up, good technique and he hits the stumps on the bounce. You don't even need third umpire for this, he's well short CH Morris run out (Ashwin) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

16.6 Mohammed Shami to Ingram, no run, whistles away from under the bat in the corridor! Fire from Shami. A yorker that Ingram wants to carve behind point but can't get bat on that

17.1 Curran to Vihari, 1 run, length at leg stump, dropped into the leg side with soft hands

17.2 Curran to Ingram, 1 run, full in the corridor, gets the front leg out and slices it but can't beat sweeper cover to the right

17.3 Curran to Vihari, 1 run, slower ball in the corridor, defended to point's right

17.4 Curran to Ingram, OUT, what have you done Ingram! Delhi Capitals are trying very hard not to win right now! Length ball outside off, drills it straight to long-off! It was there for the drive, and he's been driving it wide of that fielder all along, and along the turf. Goes aerial this time and boy do we have a situation now CA Ingram c sub (KK Nair) b Curran 38 (29b 4x4 1x6) SR: 131.03

17.5 Curran to Patel, no run, slower ball at a length just outside off, swishes at this and is beaten

17.6 (wide) Curran to Patel, 1 wide, called wide! Curran goes too short. Harshal was on the move, into the off side, setting up for a ramp. Was too late as it flew over the stumps

17.6 Curran to Patel, OUT, KL Rahul holds on! Sam Curran wheeling away in the leg side. The camera cuts to the Capitals dugout and you will not spot a smile there. Length ball slanted across the corridor, looks to club it into the leg side, gets a leading edge that is at a comfortable catching height for the keeper HV Patel c †Rahul b Curran 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

18.1 Mohammed Shami to Vihari, no run, length at off stump, hurries onto him and he defends into the pitch off the back foot

18.2 Mohammed Shami to Vihari, no run, under-edge bounces back down the pitch! Vihari backs away and is too slow on the pull at this short of a length ball. Shami takes some steps forward and collects

18.3 Mohammed Shami to Vihari, OUT, splits the stumps! What a gorgeous sight. Shami delivers - that's Capitals' last regular batsman gone. Wow. Length ball at middle stump. Backs away and swings across the line and this sounds as good at it looks when the ball splits middle and leg GH Vihari b Mohammed Shami 2 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

18.4 Mohammed Shami to Avesh Khan, no run, short ball outside off, backs away and swings across the line, beaten

18.5 Mohammed Shami to Avesh Khan, FOUR runs, Ashwin with the Indian twirl of the wrists that suggests, 'how did that happen?' Low full toss outside off. Avesh closes his eyes, looks leg side and swings his hands. The ball ends up trickling into the extra cover boundary

18.6 Mohammed Shami to Avesh Khan, no run, bouncer at at middle stump line, backs away and swings. Beaten

19.1 Curran to Rabada, OUT, leg stump outta there! Stunning, stunning comeback from Kings XI Punjab. And Sam Curran has delivered. 20 off 10 in a position he'd never batted before in a T20, and now he's here, taking his third wicket, almost dead-set nailing Capitals fortune with an inswinging yorker that's gone past KG's slog. On a hat-trick! K Rabada b Curran 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

19.2 Curran to Lamichhane, OUT, he's got it! Sam Curran has sprung out of nowhere and taken a hat-trick! Yorker at off stump, Lamichhane looks to drill through the off side and completely misses. He has lost his off stump. Delhi Capitals have done an unbelievable job of losing this game S Lamichhane b Curran 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00