Pakistan had a terrible time in the field against Afghanistan, dropping five chances in Abu Dhabi. Remarkably, Pakistan's 18-year old debutant Shaheen Afridi was involved in all of the lapses. He was the unlucky bowler three times, but he also dropped two himself. Here are the excerpts from ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary:

7.1 - Shaheen Shah Afridi to Ihsanullah, no run, dropped! What have you done Fakhar Zaman! Shaheen stayed over the wicket, the batsman didn't get hold of it and clipped it straight to Zaman at mid-on, who stuck out only one hand, juggled it and dropped it

7.2 - Shaheen Shah Afridi to Ihsanullah, 1 run, dropped again! This time at short fine leg by Usman Khan. Short ball that got big on the batsman, who tried to hook it, but only top-edged it. Usman put in the dive at fine leg inside the circle and got hands to it, but couldn't hold on.

37.3 - Mohammad Nawaz to Asghar Afghan, SIX runs, off-side six this time, Asghar has been moving away but stays put this time. Nawaz throws it up wide of off stump and he launches into that. Over long-off's head for six. He wasn't at the rope, which meant he couldn't jump high enough to catch it (Shaheen Afridi was the fielder at long off)

41.4 - Shaheen Shah Afridi to Asghar Afghan, 2 runs, dolly dropped! third time off Shaheen, he's not having a good debut. Asghar wanted to go big again, but didn't get hold of it. Haris Sohail at deep square leg had the simplest of catches off the toe-end of the bat, and shelled it. Shocking

42.3 - Mohammad Nawaz to Hashmatullah Shahidi, no run, dropped again, Shaheen Afridi is the culprit this time. Reverse swept a length ball straight to short fine leg. The ball pops in, and out.