Plans to redevelop the County Ground at Taunton have been approved by the local council.

Somerset submitted an application to build a new 2250-seater stand as well as a five-storey apartment block of 65 homes for the over-55s, a café/restaurant, two shops and parking adjacent to the west stand.

The second phase includes a new pavilion with seating for 3000 spectators, an indoor school, offices and flats at the St James Street end, and has already received the green light from the council.

In all, the county aim end up with a permanent capacity of 10,000 with room for an additional 5000 temporary seats. That should be enough for Taunton to bid to stage international matches.

"Whatever we build will be a big improvement," Richard Gould, Somerset's chief executive, told the Somerset County Gazette. "We're looking at putting up a high-quality development. Building will start in September and we hope the stand will be ready for next season."