CSA's restructuring process, which had been set in motion by the Nicholson Committee report - that looked into bringing about changes in the South African board after the bonus scandal involving now suspended CSA chief executive Gerald Majola - has been finalised, with decisions made "close to the Nicholson Committee recommendations".

As per the recommendations, the board has been cut down to 11 members from 24, following a meeting of the CSA's board of directors and the steering committee (which was constituted to review the feasibility of following the Nicholson Committee report) on Saturday. This comes four months after the administration agreed to accept all the recommendations in principle.

Acting CSA president Willie Basson, who called the restructure a "matter of urgency" and hoped for the restructuring plans to be put in place in the annual board meeting, said after the meeting that they have largely followed the Nicholson Committee recommendations.

"I believe we have stayed close to the Nicholson recommendations and, where we have deviated, it is easily defendable.

"We will now take the Board decisions to all our relevant stakeholders, and I'm confident that we are on target to implement all our decisions in time for our annual general meeting in October this year."

Meanwhile, the disciplinary hearing of Majola, who had been among the 40 CSA staff who received R4.7million ($ 671,428) as bonuses after successfully hosting the IPL and the Champions Trophy in 2009, is set to be completed by mid-October.

"The legal process is also well on track and the disciplinary hearing of Gerald Majola should be completed by mid-October," Basson said. The bonuses scandal came to light in July 2010 and various bureaucratic delays extended the final hearing, which was initially scheduled to be completed by May 31 this year.