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March 29

What do you do if, after several days of lockdown, you wake up to find your usually carefully groomed hair has been reduced to unruly locks that keep getting in your eyes? Well, you ask your partner to give you a trim, of course. Such was the case, it seems, at the Kohli-Sharma household.

March 28

Punter gets shirty

We're all in the nostalgia game now, but not everyone has quite so much top-quality stash as Ricky Ponting. Here he takes us back to a simpler time, when the Australia team didn't need documentaries to be made about them.

March 27

Mark Wood's #StayInWorkOut dance challenge

We admire the sentiment, we really do... but we also hope Mark Wood cleared his dance routine with the England medical team.

Liam Plunkett's response, meanwhile, is something else. The invite from Strictly surely won't take long...

Kane Williamson plays cricket with his dog

Lockdowns, isolation, quarantine, no cricket, endless work-from-home days - we can survive it all as long as Kane Williamson, back to being baby-faced, shares videos of backyard cricket with his dog. Is everyone as impressed with how Sandy never takes her eyes off the ball as we are? New Zealand Cricket, need a (totally adorable) slips coach?

But our UK editor, Andrew Miller, is not impressed with Sandy's feat. Can she match his cat Lola's composure under pressure? (What we want to know is: how many scratches do you have on your face, Miller?)

Is Aaron Finch retiring?

Fox Cricket certainly seems to think so. As a bit of fun they totted up a 2023 World Cup XI for Australia, and one name was conspicuously absent.

Batting partner David Warner, who did make the XI, was simultaneously amused, and not.

Time to learn a new skill?

Jasprit Bumrah has a new lockdown-imposed hobby. What's yours?

Aleem Dar offers free food to those in need

While many of us have the luxury to work from home in these times, there are several others who are vulnerable, either having to step out for work or losing their jobs entirely. In Lahore, umpire Aleem Dar is looking out for some of those people by offering free food to those without jobs.

March 26

How to keep fit during a lockdown

How are Pakistan cricketers keeping their skills honed during lockdown?

Babar Azam is utilising his at-home gym (which Jimmy Neesham would have loved to have - see below).

For Haider Ali, no bowler, no problem.

And Fatima Sana has an exercise routine that's making our arms hurt just to watch.

We should all aspire to Brendon McCullum's routine though - the snakes-and-ladders shuffle between a beer tap and the gym. Or, as Jimmy Neesham calls it, life.

Shikhar Dhawan does chores around the house

So nice of David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan to point out how women have unfairly borne the larger burden of housework all these years.

Teaching your dad a new skill

Alex Hartley gets some cool cred while she works on her footwork. We're totally loving Dad togged up in a suit and tie for a TikTok video!

March 24

Jack Leach's No. 11 rallying cry

To be fair, Jack Leach is man who knows a bit about staying in when the situation calls for it...

Stanning Sodhi's rap about the coronavirus

Ish Sodhi's got an alternative way of making money while the cricket's off. Are the record labels listening? Sign him up!

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Self-Ic3lation, track one Cabin Fever Album

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March 23

A Ricky Ponting classic

Thank goodness for Ricky Ponting, who is set to go through some of his career mementos to pass the time over the coming days. First up, one for bat nuffies: his 2003 World Cup final stick. Plenty of white on that middle...

Mickleburgh's masterclass

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach?

Shreyas Iyer becomes invisible man

Oh god! What dark magic is this?

Setting up an at-home gym

Jimmy Neesham is being responsible about social-distancing but also conscientious about staying fit. That's why we love him so much.

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