The following is a copy of outgoing physio John Gloster's post-Australian tour fitness report.

Post Tour Rehab Advice and Protocols

Yuvraj Singh

- L ACL deficient knee, subluxation episode Perth Test vs Australia Jan '08
- MRI and investigation with sports physician at that time. Mx plan instigated
- Full reassessment with Dr David Young (orthopaedic surgeon) in Melbourne Feb '08. Confirmed his availability to return to cricket (see full report in clinical notes).
- Plan post Australia tour will be on emphasis of strengthening and stability without high impact activity.
- Must have min 2 weeks (ideally 3) break from cricket and excessive loaded activities.
- Emphasis on x-training (swimming, cycling, water running)
- Maintenance of stability program, balance exercises and gluteal retraining

Things to Watch

- pain posterior knee
- obvious swelling and persistence of swelling
- morning stiffness+
- fielding positions (straighter approach and attack to the ball, care on turning etc)
- Instability. Another episode of subluxation and giving way = Surgical Intervention required

Ishant Sharma

- L great toe
- stress # through distal phalanx great toe (left), secondary to shape of phalanx
- significant healing/callous formation already evident (Dr. David Young, Dr. Michael Johnson, Dr. Soni). See full reports and scans in clinical notes
- min 2 - 3 weeks rest from bowling and running post tour. No compromise on this instruction
- allow pain to subside and full healing of # to complete.
- Strength and focus on core stability, gluteal strength, quadriceps strength and hamstring/hip flexor flexibility
R forefinger acute tendon sheath inflammation
- continue with anti-inflammatory techniques (NSAIDS, Ice, Co-Bahn, gel STM etc) until resolved

Harbhajan Singh

- L hamstring tendon enthesopathy (Dx. Dr David Young)
- Will require min 2 weeks rest from bowling and running post tour
- To avoid long distance running, running on inclines etc,br> - Continue with deep Tr Friction Rx to area, hamstring release STM, neural stretches etc
- To continue to monitor condition.
- Once this condition starts to impede his ability to bowl then surgical intervention will need to be considered (see full report, Dr David Young in clinical notes)

Sachin Tendulkar

- R adductor tendonosis (? enthesopathy) with deep hip flexor involvement
- Requires min 2 weeks rest post tour from aggravating (pain inducing) activities
- Must not allow this condition to settle into 'chronic phase' otherwise may take further 2 weeks to control
- Once pain settles then commencement of deep release massage therapy to region, flexibility for R hip region incl adductors and flexors
- Once pain free then recommence basic strength training to adductors initially in water then with band resistance

Irfan Pathan

- requires min 2 weeks break from competitive cricket to concentrate on conditioning
- main focus areas are to be low back, sides and shoulder strength/stability


- L ankle instability
- Emphasis on continual strength/stability and proprioceptive rehab of L ankle as well as ongoing glut med strengthening
- R shoulder and scapular stability maintenance program ++
- ? requires cortisone injection into R DIP forefinger. # 2004, now sensitive+ and requires some form of intervention to alleviate sensitivity from recent knocks

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

- R hand 4th finger DIP severe sprain ? # 2nd final vs Australia 5th March
- Will need to be x-rayed on return to India and treatment avenue pursued