David Gower was recently seen on a TV cookery show licking his fingers after handling raw chicken.

It seems chicken's not really his area.

And if not pheasant…

Unperturbed, Gower later willingly ventured back into dangerous waters.

Tim Bresnan's not one for turning his nose up at a bite to eat either.

While Jimmy Neesham's focus has been more on liquids than solids.

So much culinary self-indulgence. But it's like Kevin Pietersen says…

Pietersen's own victory conditions seem to revolve around continuing to do the exact same thing that made him pull a face in our last Twitter round-up.

He's also had a new experience.

KL Rahul's also had a big win - although you wouldn't expect him to be starstruck by someone he sees on an almost daily basis.

Umar Akmal, meanwhile, remains starstruck by himself.

One man who could perhaps be excused for feeling a little bit smug about his lot in life at the moment is Ben Stokes. However, the morning after the IPL auction, he didn't appear to have much to say for himself.

IPL riches can change a man. In a few years' time, Stokes could be like Dale Steyn - still cleaning his own house, but getting increasingly stroppy about it.

And as his bank balance rises, those photos of Stokes on a train will of course become in-flight selfies.

Because in-flight selfies are the only way to punctuate the relentless complaints about air travel.

Alex Bowden blogs at King Cricket