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'One giraffe doesn't make a summer'

Food appreciation, TV show critiquing, and other wild, unhinged stuff in our Twitter round-up

Alex Bowden
Michael Vaughan could be the man to take over as director of England cricket, Antigua, April 15, 2015

Michael Vaughan: decisions, decisions, but thankfully to tweet or not to tweet is not among them  •  Getty Images

Cricketer involved in correct use of the word "literally" shocker. Paul Collingwood pays tribute to Jonathan Trott upon his retirement from international cricket.
Trott's not had the best time of late, but Saqlain Mushtaq always has advice for how to deal with your problems.
But since when have clouds been temporary?
Welcome to England, Fidel. Truly, summer has arrived. But what's that old saying? One something doesn't make a summer. How does it go again?
Last time around Gilo was sledging the ECB Twitter account. This week it's Jimmy Neesham's turn to lay into his national board. And with good reason as well. Stop the press!
Neesham's a TV critic too.
Because Neesham's a discriminating TV viewer. A man of taste. His followers will already know that his favourite programme's The Bachelor New Zealand.
Not cool.
But who is cool? And why?
Pretty cool.
Who else is cool? Tino Best certainly thinks a lot of himself. We haven't checked in on his ego for a while. Is it still intact?
That'll be a yes then. Further evidence of his eternally buoyant self-regard comes in the form of the captions he provides to photos of himself.
With the popularity of Nando's seemingly on the wane among cricketers, how is the restaurant going to win back its key demographic?
Quinoa and sweet potato salad. You crowd pleasers. Although it does seem to be the case that cricketers have pretty low standards when it comes to culinary indulgence.
Living the dream.
Finally, somewhere in the world, there is always a cricketer complaining about air travel.
This is the truth of the matter. They're not jetlagged. They're hungover.

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