And what might that entail?

Having followed Kemar Roach all year, that seems pretty similar to 2014.

Ishant Sharma's got big ambitions as well.

With a grand total of 275 tweets to his name in his five years on Twitter, it's an attainable goal.

Meanwhile, the festive season brought some famously big nights up in the North-East of England.

Bed before midnight on New Year's Eve - not exactly rock and roll. Can anyone do better?

Meanwhile, Onions and Collingwood's team-mate, Mark Wood, appears to have gone through a very specific transformation for the New Year.

Fruit smoothies instead of beer and crocodile tails instead of broth. Honestly, who among us hasn't made those New Year's resolutions at some point?

A week earlier, Christmas drink must have been taken in the Vaughan household because he actually said a few things without #justsaying them. Somewhere within his Ishant Sharma-shamingly prolific Twitter output, was the following revelation.

Elsewhere, Kemar Roach's Christmas didn't go quite so smoothly.

We never did find out where the ham was at. We can only presume that it turned up. Or maybe he just left us behind.

But elevation isn't always so easy to attain, according to the latest chapter in Saqlain Mushtaq's broad-reaching philosophy.

Of course cricketers are frequently way above the mountains, but complaining about air travel was so 2014.

However, it's also very 2015.

Ignore their resolutions and fresh starts. Nothing changes.

Then again, the softening of David Warner continues apace.

While conversely, Steven Finn appears to have toughened up overnight.

From this…

To this…

Next thing you know, he'll be eating somewhere other than Nando's.

Or maybe he'll just be eating slightly different stuff when he's there. Crocodile tail maybe. New Year, new ambitions and all that.

Alex Bowden blogs at King Cricket