The turning point of the day
R Ashwin came on to bowl the final Powerplay over. Warriors had got off to a violent start. He squirted one through quickly to beat the reverse sweep, and trapped Jacobs right in front.

The thump of the day
Who else but Davy Jacobs? He was beaten first ball, a lovely curvy delivery from Doug Bollinger that teased his outside edge. He sent the second ball flying over midwicket but it was the third that oozed imperiousness: He shuffled across and blasted it straight past the startled umpire Aleem Dar, who did well to get out of the way.

The faux paux of the day
It happened before the game had started. They couldn't draw the curtains across the sightscreen. The reserve umpire Asad Rauf got into the act himself; he jumped over the boundary hoardings and personally guided the people to sort out the mess. The game was delayed by ten minutes. In the background, they played the tournament's anthem, "I like it!"

The miss of the day
It was a full toss from Bollinger and Ashwell Prince set himself to launch it out of the ground. Perhaps it was his eagerness; he swung too hard and completely missed the ball. Timber! That wicket, and Jacob's, put the middle order under too much pressure.

The bunny of the day
Once again Mark Boucher fell to Muttiah Muralitharan. How many times has this happened? Boucher got that sinking déjà-vu again when he went for a pull, but was beaten by the amount of spin on that.

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at Cricinfo