Third Test match

Australia v South Africa 1910-11

Toss: South Africa.

After a tremendous struggle, the match lasting into the sixth day, the South Africans beat Australia by 38 runs. Their victory was the reward of most patient and determined batting. They led off well by scoring 482, but the innings lasted nearly eight hours and a quarter. Zulch had more than a fair share of luck in his 105, but Snooke only gave a single chance and that a difficult one. In Australia's first innings Trumper gave a display that even he has never surpassed. In third wicket down he scored 214 out of 354 in four hours, hitting twenty-six 4's, and taking out his bat. The South Africans were enthusiastic in his praise, Sherwell, who was keeping wicket, and thus had the best means of judging, saying that he gave no chance of any kind and made no false strokes. When the South Africans went in the second time, Faulkner played a fine innings of quite a different type, batting nearly four hours for his 115. The Australians, left with 378 to get, tried very hard, but the wicket was beginning to show signs of wear, and the task proved a bit too much for them.

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