The Prudential World Cup 1975, first Group A match


With Amiss in his best form and admirably supported by Fletcher, England ran up the highest score in this country for a 60-over match, although later in the summer it was beaten by Hampshire in the Gillette Cup. Both sides relied almost entirely on seam bowlers which meant that India left out Bedi, a decision that caused much surprise. Timing the ball perfectly, Amiss raced to 98 out of England's 150 for one before lunch and altogether he made his 137 out of 245 by the 51st over and struck eighteen 4's. A feature of the cricket was the great outfielding of Ghavri, but the runs flowed so freely that finally Old (two 6's and four 4's) helped himself to 51 off 28 balls in thirty-five minutes.

India, in turn, gave such a disappointing exhibition that even their own large contingent of supporters showed their disapproval. The culprit was Gavaskar, who sat on the splice throughout the 60 overs for 36 not out. Neither G. S. Ramchand, India's manager nor the captain, Venkataraghavan, agreed with the way Gavaskar performed. It was said that the pitch was slow and he took the opportunity to have some practice. The adjudicator, J. D. Robertson, had no alternative but to name Amiss Man of the Match.

Attendance 20,000, receipts £19,000

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