The Prudential World Cup 1975, fourth Group B match


At Birmingham, June 11. West Indies won by one wicket, the winning run being scored off the fourth ball of the last over. A magnificent match hung in the balance until the end and the West Indies could not have been confident when their eighth wicket fell at 166 and their ninth at 203. The last pair, Murray and Roberts, who came together in the 46th over, scored the necessary 64 runs for victory. The Pakistan batsmen followed Majid's example, punishing anything not on a length and going boldly for their strokes, but Mushtaq and Wasim Raja were unfortunate to play on when both threatened to dominate the bowling. The West Indies batsmen showed almost indecent haste and, with the exception of Lloyd and Murray, lacked the patience to build a major innings. Murray's brand of discipline and the courage of Roberts eventually carried them to victory. Tom Graveney named Sarfraz Man of the Match.

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