Mandela Trophy 1994-95, third match


At Cape Town, December 6 (day/night). South Africa won by 69 runs. Toss: South Africa. International debut: M. J. R. Rindel.

With the ball swinging in the night air, New Zealand folded on a low, slow pitch which was later to become the subject of an official inquiry. Though Young launched the chase with a run-a-ball 25, no batsman on either side seemed comfortable, and Rutherford's 40 was the highest score of the game. Because Hart had broken a finger, Mark Priest took the field hours after flying in from New Zealand; he was asleep in the dressing-room by the time South Africa's debutant, Mike Rindel, received the match award for his 32 runs and two wickets. Rindel had changed his country's luck after ten successive one-day defeats.

Man of the Match: M. J. R. Rindel.

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