Carlton & United Series, fourth qualifying match


At Adelaide, December 17. West Indies won by seven wickets. Toss: West Indies.

West Indies' revival was ignited by two unexpected sparks: Adams's finger-spin and keeper Murray's big hitting. The team had been warned by manager Clive Lloyd that a new, more willing generation would be shuffled in if they did not bridge the gap between reputation and results. Winning the toss helped, as the pitch was fresh before mellowing. Then Adams's unpretentious left-arm tweakers yielded five for 37, as batsmen tried shots they could not contemplate against the near-perfect line of Ambrose, who conceded only 16 in 9.4 overs. Later, Murray gave West Indies a flying start, with 86 off 79 balls; they won with a resounding 14 overs in hand.

Man of the Match: J. R. Murray. Attendance: 8,696.

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