Singer Akai Cup, fifth qualifying match


At Sharjah, April 8. Zimbabwe won by 50 runs. Toss: Zimbabwe.

Sri Lanka's only slip in the tournament was Zimbabwe's only triumph - their second win in ten meetings between the sides. Zimbabwe elected to bat and the Flowers put them on course, with Campbell and Guy Whittall taking charge of the mid-innings. The target was just over four an over but, with Jayasuriya resting, the Sri Lankans were uncharacteristically slow. None of them bettered Mahanama's 42, and even Aravinda de Silva took 61 balls to score 32. As the pressure mounted, the last five wickets crashed for five runs in three overs. Streak and Strang bowled especially tightly, taking four for 28 in 15.1 overs between them.

Man of the Match: G. J. Whittall.

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