Third Test match

Australia v England 1911-12

England won the third Test match by seven wickets, the game being, in some respects, the most remarkable in the whole tour. To an even greater degree than at Melbourne, the Australians discounted their chances by a disastrous start. Batting first on a perfect wicket, they failed so badly against Foster's bowling that in about three hours and a quarter they were all out for 133. Ransford, with his own score at six and the total at 17, received such a severe blow on the thumb that he had to retire, and did not bat again until the ninth wicket had fallen. This was a piece of very bad luck for Australia. Foster was in his deadliest form. He began by bowling eleven overs, six maidens, for eight runs and one wicket and finished up with the remarkable average of five wickets for 36. Hobbs and Rhodes, not out 29 and 20 at the end of the day, opened England's innings by scoring 147 together, and this time the batting was maintained at a very high standard. Only four wickets fell on Saturday, the score reaching 327, and on the third day the total was carried to 501. Hobbs took the honours with 187. He gave some chances in the latter half of his innings, but for the most part he played splendidly. He hit sixteen 4's and was at the wickets rather more than five hours and a half.

Though they had to face a balance of 368, the Australians made a great fight. Luck was all against them. Trumper, owing to an injured knee, had to go in last, and Ransford, though he made 38, was much hampered by his damaged thumb. Still, the innings, which began on Monday afternoon, did not end until Wednesday, the total reaching 476. The batting was consistently fine, Hill, who gave no chance during a stay of two hours and three-quarters, perhaps showing the best cricket. His cutting and driving were equally good. Barnes's bowling in the long innings was wonderfully steady. Wanting 109 to win, England lost Hobbs with only five runs on the board, but Rhodes and Gunn by carrying the score to 102 settled the matter. Gunn and Hearne were out, however, before the winning hit was made.

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