Formed in 1787

The Marylebone Club



1826.Charles Barnett, Esq.
1827.H. Kingscote, Esq.
1828.A. F. Greville, Esq.
1829.John Barnard, Esq.
1830.Hon. G. Ponsonby.
1831.W. Deedes, Esq.
1832.H. Howard, Esq.
1833.Herbert Jenner, Esq.
1834.Hon. H. Ashley.
1835.Lord C. Russell.
1836.Lord Suffield.
1837.Viscount Grimston.
1838.Marquis of Exeter.
1839.Earl of Chesterfield.
1840.Earl of Verulam.
1841.Earl Craven.
1842.Earl of March.
1843.Earl of Ducie.
1844.Sir John Bayley, Bart.
1845.Thos. Chamberlayne, Esq.
1846.Earl of Winterton.
1847.Earl of Strathmore.
1848.Earl of Leicester.
1849.Earl of Darnley.
1850.Lord Guernsey.
1851.Earl Stamford & Warrington
1852.Viscount Dupplin.
1853.Marquis of Worcester.
1854.Earl Vane.
1855.Earl of Uxbridge.
1856.Viscount Milton.
1857.Sir F. Bathurst, Bart.
1858.Lord Garlies.
1859.Earl of Coventry.
1860.Lord Skelmersdale.
I861.Earl Spencer.
1862.Earl of Sefton.
1863.Lord Suffield.
1864.Earl of Dudley.
1865. Lord Ebury.
1866.Earl of Sandwich.
1867.Earl of Verulam.
1868.Lord Methuen.
1869.Marquis of Lansdowne.
1870.J. H. Scourfield, Esq., M.P.
1871.Earl of Clarendon.
1872.Viscount Downe.
F. Ladbrooke, Esq.H. Kingscote, Esq. R. Kynaston, Esq.
B. Aislabie, Esq.R. Kynaston, Esq.A. Baillie, Esq.



President-- The EARL OF CADOGAN.

    The Committee.
  • Treas.-- R. BURGOYNE, Esq.
  • Sec.-- R. A. FITZGERALD, Esq.
    • Trustees
    • Earl of Dudley,
    • Earl of Sefton,
    • Hon. F. Ponsonby,
    • R. Broughton, Esq.,
    • W. Nicholson, Esq.,
  • Earl of Clarendon,Hon. C. G. Lyttelton,*Hon. S. Ponsonby,Major Denne,W. H. Dyke., Esq., M.P., *H. W. Fellows, Esq., R. Forster, Esq., C. E. Green, Esq., J. M. Heathcote, Esq., C. Marsham, Esq.,Lieut-Col. Parnell,*H. Perkins, Esq.,W. Pickering, Esq.,E. Rutter, Esq.,E. W. Tritton, Esq., and *V. E. Walker, Esq.
  • Auditors-- R. KYNASTON, G. D. PORCHER, & R. J. WARD, Esqs.

*Retire by rotation in 1874.

Assistant Secretary and Clerk to the Committee-- Mr. J. MURDOCH.

Professional Bowlers engaged at Lord's in 1873.-- Thomas Hearne, Sen. (Captain), Wootton, Alfred Shaw, Royston, Biddulph, F. Farrands, Walter Price, T. H. Nixon, Jun. (Notts), M. Flanagan, John West, R. Clayton, Rylott, G. Nixon (Cambs), and J. Davey ( Sussex).Ground Keeper-- D. Jordan, Sen. Size of Lord's Ground-- About 9 Acres.

The 86th ANNIVERSARY MEETING of the members of THE MARYLEBONE CLUB was held at Lord's Ground, on Wednesday, the 7th of May, when the very large number of 101 new members were ballotted for and elected. The ANNUAL M. C. C. DINNER took place the same evening (May 7), at 7.30, in the New Tavern. The chair was taken by Viscount Downe, the president, supported by the Earl of Clarendon and the president elect, the Earl of Cadogan. After dinner the President gave The Queen, as well as the Prince of Wales as patron of the M. C. C., and the rest of the Royal Family. The President then gave the toast of the evening, Cricket, and Success to the M. C. C., and concluded by calling upon the secretary to read the annual report of the committee.

The Secretary premised that the report demanded the particular attention of members, especially in those passages treating of the present system of election and the use or abuse of privilege on the part of members. He then read the following report :--

The committee have great pleasure in reporting that, both financially and in the cricket field, the Marylebone Club has fully maintained its position in spite of the unfavourable weather, which marred to some extent the season of 1872.

The Pavilion has now been extended to its utmost capability, and without seriously encroaching upon the ground, the committee think it will be impossible to provide further for the requirements of the members.

The committee have seriously considered the present system of election, and think that it is not consistent with the high position now held by the Marylebone Club. Without expressing an opinion as to the desirability of limiting the number of members, they would suggest that a more careful supervision be exercised over the election of each candidate.

With this end in view, it is proposed, that in future not more than twelve candidates shall be ballotted for at one time, that a separate ballot box shall be provided for each candidate, and that the hour of ballot shall commence at 4 o' clock and close at 5.

The match list of 1873 has been arranged to meet the demand made by the increased growth of the club, and to encourage cricket in all places where it stands in need of public support.

To the old-established contests with Yorkshire, Surrey, and Middlesex have been added matches with Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, and Staffordshire.

With a view to promote county cricket, and to establish a new and interesting series of matches at Lord's Ground, the committee, in the course of winter, offered a challenge cup competition. Regulations were drawn up and sent to the counties. The project was favourably received by some and declined by others. Five acceptances were received in the first instance, ties were drawn, and the prospect of an interesting season was afforded. For various reasons two of the five accepting counties withdrew from the competition, and finally, as the liberal views of the committee did not meet with general support, or were otherwise misrepresented, the orginal idea was abandoned. Kent and Sussex will, however, play one match, these counties having heartily approved of the challenge cup proposition. The county of Middlesex also was willing to abide by the original scheme.

In justice to themselves the committee must repeat that the challenge cup matches were only projected with a view to promote county cricket. The fact that all expenses would be borne by the M. C. C., and that the matches would be played on a neutral ground, afforded a reasonable belief that such contests would be viewed with interest by cricketers in general.

The match on Whit Monday (North v. South of England ) will be played for the benefit of G. Wootton, who retires from the service of the club at the end of the season. This exceptional mark of esteem for the long services and exemplary conduct of G. Wootton will doubtless meet with the approval of the members.

The club now numbers 1,690 members. Eleven members have died, and 25 resigned. Two hundred and twenty-three new members paid their entrance subscription out of 258 elected. A list, with the names of those members who have not paid their subscriptions, will be hung up in the Pavilion.

The M. C. C. Benefit Fund now amounts to £638 12s.

The expenses of matches in 1872 amounted to £1,409 16s. ld.

J. Smith, for several seasons an active servant of the club, died in April last, after a lingering illness. His services as a cricketer, as well as his uniform good conduct, entitled him to relief from the M. C. C. Benefit Fund, which the Committee from time to time advanced to him.

The finances of the club are still in a prosperous condition. It will be gratifying to the members to learn that the sum of £3,000 was wiped off the purchase debt of the club during the past season. That debt is now reduced to £18,000.

The tennis court is now in good order for play, and, from the increased interest taken in the game, it is proposed to repeat the contests which gave such satisfaction last season.

The gold tennis prize was again won by Mr. Heathcote, the silver prize was won by Hon. C. G. Lyttelton, M. P.; the handicap was won by Mr. Wiglesworth.

The challenge billiard cue was won by Mr. J. P. Ward for the third time.

(The above is condensed from the report that appeared in Bell's Life of the 10th of May.)

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