Compiled by Rowland Bowen, 1967

Some dates in Pakistan cricket history

1947 Pakistan came into existence.
1948-9First tour to Pakistan, by West Indies. The one unofficial Test was drawn. Pakistan undertook first away tour, to Ceylon: won both unofficial tests.
1949May 1: Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan formed.

Cricket in Pakistan Annual first issued -- two more issues, 1951 and 1954. Ceylon undertook tour to Pakistan: lost both unofficial tests.
1949-50First tour to Pakistan by Commonwealth team. The one unofficial test was drawn.
1950-1Karachi: the Pentangular Tournament revived for first time since partition.
1951-2First tour by M.C.C. to Pakistan: drew one and lost the other unofficial test.
1952 Pakistan admitted to Imperial Cricket Conference. The first of eight tours to the U.K. undertaken by the Pakistan Eaglets, teams of young Pakistani cricketers sent on tour for experience.
1952-3First tour to India by Pakistan: won one and drew two Tests. Also visited Burma.
1953-4Pakistan Services team visited Ceylon. Quaid-e-Azam Trophy instituted: first winners, Bahawalpur.
1954First tour by Pakistan to U.K.: won one, lost one and drew two Tests.

First match between Pakistan and Canada: Pakistan won.
1954-5First tour by India to Pakistan: all five Tests drawn.

First appearance of a team from East Pakistan in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy.
1955-6Second tour by M.C.C. -- an A team: won one, lost two and drew one of the unofficial tests.

First tour by New Zealand to Pakistan: lost two and drew one Test.
1956 Pakistan team toured East Africa under the name of Pakistan Cricket Writers: it included Test and other first-class players. Lost only unofficial test v. E. Africa. First Australian team to Pakistan: lost the only Test.
1958First tour by Pakistan to West Indies: won one, lost three and drew the other Test. Also visited Bermuda, Canada and U.S.A.
1958-9Second tour by West Indies to Pakistan: won one and lost two Tests. World record first-class innings of 499 compiled by Hanif Mohammad for Karachi v. Bahawalpur.
1959-60Second tour by Australians to Pakistan: won two Tests and drew the other. Matting wickets henceforth prohibited in Quaid-e-Azam Trophy matches.
1960-1Second tour by Pakistan to India: all five Tests drawn.

Pakistan Eaglets undertook tour to Ceylon and Malaya.

Ayub Zonal Trophy instituted: first winners, Railways--Quetta.
1961-2Third tour by M.C.C. to Pakistan: won one and drew two Tests.
1962Second tour by Pakistan to U.K.: lost four Tests and drew the other.
1963-4Second tour by Commonwealth team to Pakistan: drew all three unofficial tests.
1964Third tour by Australians to Pakistan: drew the only Test.

Pakistan International Airways team, consisting solely of Test and other first-class players, toured East Africa: beat Invitation XI at Mombasa (virtually Combined E. Africa.
1964-5 Pakistan record first-class score of 910 for six wickets declared made by Railways v. Dera Ismail Khan.

First tour by Pakistan to Australia (drew only Test) and to New Zealand (drew all three Tests).

Pakistan A team visited Ceylon and drew only unofficial test.
1965Second tour by New Zealand to Pakistan: lost 2 and drew the other Test.
1966First Official Cricket Annual, issued by Pakistan Cricket Board of Control, covering 1964-5 (also first cricket annual issued by a governing body).
1966-7Second tour by Ceylon to Pakistan: lost all three unofficial Tests.
1967Third tour by Pakistan to U.K.: three five-day Tests to be played.

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