Played at Lord's, June 1870

Cambridge v Oxford

Rain for 5 hours on the Monday prevented this--the 35th Inter-University match--being commenced until 3.30 p.m., when on wet and slippery wickets, the Cantabs began the batting. Barring two lofty hits, Mr. Dale played steady and good cricket. A 4 and two 2's from one over, and two 4's and a single from another over were hit by Mr. Absolom. Mr. Thornton's first 17 runs were hit in 12 minutes. From one straight drive he made, the ball pitched on the Pavilion seat; and when he had made 14 singles, eight 2's, and five 4's, Mr. Thornton was finely stumped by Mr. Stewart, whose wicket-keeping was the feature of the match. When 7 Cambridge wickets were down, 5 of the 7 were due to Mr. Stewart's wicket-keeping. Cambridge 164, Oxford (no wicket down) 8, was the result of that afternoon's cricket.

On the TUESDAY more favourable weather aided the old ground being largely and fashionably attended. The Grand Stand was fully occupied; the Pavilion (seats and roof) crowded with Past and Present of both Universities; and altogether about 8000 of the cream of English society thronged the ground. At 11.25 they resumed play. A splendid one-hand catch by Mr. Absolom, and a clever stump out by Mr. Richardson, got rid of the steady player, Mr. Gibbon, and the dashing free-hitter, Mr. Evetts; but Mr. Edgar Searles Pardon stayed whilst 6 wickets went. This gentleman played an innings of 33 runs so correctly and well as to elicit the commendations of all good judges on the ground. At a quarter to 2, with 65 runs in hand, Cambridge began their second innings, the first moiety of their wickets going down in an astoundingly rapid form. With the score at one only, Mr. Preston was bowled. At 5, Mr. Dale was bowledand Mr. Money stumped. With the score at 7, a well-judged catch at mid-off ended Mr. Absolom's innings, and when Mr. Walter bowled Mr. Yardley, Cambridge had lost 5 good wickets for 11 runs. (The earnest, exultant Oxford cheers that rang out as wicket after wicket thus went down were such as none but the young throats of the old country could ring out.) Then Mr. Thornton set to work, and Cambridge cheers rang out as lustily and as jubilant as Oxford's did previously, as Mr. Thornton sent the ball flying on the off side over the I Z trap for 4, then on the on side down to the Armoury for another 4, and so on until he was bowled for 36; hearty light and dark blue cheers greeting the hard hitter's return to the Pavilion. At 5 p.m., Oxford had 157 to score to win. Mr. Pauncefote again played good and true cricket for his 24; Mr. Digby played steadily and well for 36, but at 5 minutes past 7, Cambridge had won the 35th match by 58 runs. As many as 14 of the 20 wickets were due to the wicket-keepers--Mr. Stewart having 8 and Mr. Richardson 6.

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