The 1954 edition started a recurring theme: the ongoing problem of negative batting in the English first-class game. Freddie Brown gave his opinion on the faults of modern batsman, and urged them to attack more. In preparation for Pakistan's first visit to England, Abdul Hafeez Kardar, the captain - who had earlier toured England with India - gave an account on how their game had developed. There was, of course, a report on England winning back the Ashes after 19 years, along with six shots of that series in the opening photograph section. Elsewhere, Neville Cardus provided an insight on the career of Lindsay Hassett, the Australian captain, who retired that year.
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England reach the cross-roads, 1954

A. L. Hassett: a born cricketer

Born to natural elegance and boldness, 1954

Batsmen must be bold

Forward play the first essential, 1954

Growth of Pakistan cricket


Sussex through the years

Never champions; but they have played their part, 1954

Thirty years as an umpire

Chester's unique place in cricket, 1954

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Australia tour of England, 1953

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India in West Indies 1952-53

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Pakistan in India, 1952-53

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South Africans in Australia and New Zealand, 1952-53

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