John Ferris

JOHN JAMES FERRIS was born in Sydney, May 21, 1867. He is a little below the medium height, and sturdily built; bowls left-hand, rather above medium pace, with a very high delivery. His chief ball break is from leg, but every now and then he sends in a good ball which comes with his arm. He was first associated with the Belvidere Club, of which H. Moses was captain, and played in the Inter-Colonial match in 1886, when he took ten wickets, six in one innings and four in the other. This success was followed up by another still greater, for, in the return match between the two colonies, he took nine wickets at an average cost of 5 runs, and largely helped to win the game. He bowled conspicuously well against Shaw's team in 1886-7, and the admirable way in which he shared the work with Turner led to his being selected for the recent tour in England. Ferris, like Turner and M'Donnell, is in a bank at Sydney.

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