Jasu Patel

PATEL, JASUBHAI MOTIBHAI, the Indian off-spinner, died on December 12, 1992, aged 68. Jasu Patel will always be remembered as the man who bowled India to their first-ever victory over Australia at Kanpur in 1959-60. He was already 35 with tinges of grey hair, but he was unexpectedly included at the insistence of Lala Amarnath, the chairman of selectors. Patel was known as a matting specialist but Amarnath thought the newly laid turf wicket might suit his unclassical whippy action.

Patel responded by taking the best-ever analysis for India, nine for 69 in the first innings- McDonald, Harvey, Davidson, Benaud and Kline were all bowled - and five for 55 in the second. India won by l19 runs. He took 15 wickets in six other Tests, before and afterwards. Patel was the first cricketer to be awarded the Padma Shri, India's second-highest civilian award.

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