Allan Steel

STEEL, ALLAN GIBSON, died in London on the 15th of June. The greatest of all Marlborough cricketers, he was in the College eleven from 1874 to 1877 inclusive, being captain in his last two years. He was in the great Cambridge elevens of 1878, 1879, 1880, and 1881, being captain of the team in 1880, and playing under the Hon. Ivo Bligh (now Earl of Darnley) in 1881. In the Gentlemen and Players matches at Lord's and the Oval he appeared eighteen times. He was not especially successful in these matches as a batsman, his highest score being 76, and his average 25; but he had a wonderful record as a bowler, taking 99 wickets for something over fifteen runs apiece.

Mr Steel played nine times for England against Australia in England -- at the Oval in 1880 and 1882; at Manchester, Lord's, and the Oval in 1884; at Manchester, Lord's, and the Oval in 1886; and at Lord's in 1888. He was captain in 1886 when England won all three matches, and also at Lord's in 1888 when the bowling of Turner and Ferris won the game for Australia. He also played in four test matches in Australia in the season of 1882-3 for the England team captained by Ivo Bligh. Twice in his thirteen international matches. Mr. Steel made over a hundred, scoring 148 at Lord's in 1884 and 135 not out at Sydney in February, 1883. Mr. Steel was born at Liverpool on the 24th of September, 1858. In first-class cricket scored 6,759 runs (average 29.25) and took 781 wkts. (average 13.50)

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