The first major tour since 1912 was celebrated in a 998-page edition, easily the largest volume to date. On the field, it was all Australia ("in all my years as editor there has never been a season so dispiriting," wrote Sydney Pardon). W Marshall Ltd announced the launch of a revolutionary new cricket boot, with pneumatic rubber soles and heels, costing four guineas (£4.20) in buckskin and 42 shillings (£2.10) in white duck. An 1879 edition of the Almanack was still available from the publishers for four shillings (20p).
Editor Sydney Pardon
Pages 998
Price 5/- (soft) / 7/6 (cloth)

Almanack essays

Notes by the Editor, 1922

Never a season so disheartening as that of 1921

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M.C.C. Team in Australia 1920-21

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The Australian team in South Africa, 1921-22

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The Australians in England, 1921

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