For the third time in as many years the Almanack contained a record number of pages, all because "tours abroad by English cricketers and visits to this country by Dominions players are becoming so numerous". After a gloriously hot May, the weather changed and it was looked back on as "one of the worst in English cricket" - it didn't stop 25-year-old Wally Hammond scoring almost 3000 runs and becoming one of the Five Cricketers of the Year. The County Championship continued to be tinkered with in a bid to increase its appeal, with the radical proposal that matches start some 30 minutes earlier - at 11.30am - to increase the playing time. Yorkshire were in the headlines after deciding to appoint a professional captain - Herbert Sutcliffe - for the first time. The unrest dissipated when Sutcliffe declined the offer and Captain William Worsley - an amateur - was installed instead.
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