The editor pressed for an end to timeless Tests and a reduction in the number of County Championship matches (at the time each county played 32 a season). "Bowling would be better if bowlers were not kept at full tension six days a week," he wrote. Gloucestershire were congratulated on helping the spectator by introducing loudspeakers to help identify new batsmen, and Surrey for using a sandwich-board to publicise the outcome of the toss. At Lord's, a sparrow was killed by a ball delivered by Jahangir Khan for MCC against Canbridge University. "TN Pearce, the batsman, managed to play the ball and the bird fell against the stumps without dislodging a bail," reported the Almanack. The unfortunate bird - now stuffed and a little threadbare - can still be seen in the Lord's Museum. Boardroom unrest was rife inside John Wisden & Co., and the managing director was forced to resign as the board considered the possibility of calling in the liquidators. FL Horabin was appointed as a director for a limited period "to take over and reorganise the management of the business with a view to liquidation".
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