Wisden's size and content returned to its customary pre-war state, but it still hit the bookstands late, a result of "heavy snow blizzards and a shortage of coal". The delay sparked another suggestion of a half-crown "pocket volume" to be produced in April as a fore-runner to, but not in place of, the Almanack. The Indians were the first postwar touring side, and although they were outplayed in the Tests they raised "the status and the dignity of their country's sport". The weather in 1946 might have been dreadful, but it didn't stop the crowds flocking to games. England toured Australia in 1946-47 under Wally Hammond, and the Almanack criticised newspaper reporting of the series, stating that the contest had "not recaptured the spirit of cricket". The Five Cricketers of the Year returned for the first time since 1940.

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A great revival, 1947

A great day at The Oval

Surrey v Old England, The Oval, May 23, 1946

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India in England, 1946

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The Australian team in New Zealand, 1945-46

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