This year's edition was increased to 15 shillings, but a similar theme dominated the talking-points. Bill Bowes asked, "What is wrong with the modern game of cricket?" The lbw rule, leg-theory bowling, negative batting, and unsatisfactory pitches were all discussed, with the likes of Plum Warner, Jack Hobbs and Don Bradman giving their views. The great Len Hutton retired, and Neville Cardus labelled him "The Master" in his appreciation, in which he wrote: "Like the music of Bach, Hutton's batsmanship in its evolution from an early to a late period presented no marked divisions." Gilbert Jessop, the former England player and the "most remarkable hitter cricket has ever produced," died aged 80.
Editor Norman Preston
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England's search for opening batsmen, 1956

Growing pains of cricket

Seeking a remedy, 1956

Len Hutton: the master


Two eras of Australian pace

Gregory-McDonald to Lindwall-Miller, 1956

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Australians in West Indies, 1954-55

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India in Pakistan, 1954-55

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MCC in Australia and New Zealand, 1954-55

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South Africans in England, 1955

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