Even though West Indies' tour of Australia was reported in full in the following year's edition, the infamous Tied Test at Brisbane was billed in the 1961 Almanack as the "Greatest Ever Test Match", and was given a five-page report by EM Wellings, who was there. Elsewhere, Jack Fingleton, the former Australian batsman, claimed cricket was alive again after the depression of the Second World War. The throwing controversy rumbled on - this time Leslie Smith gave his views. Alec Bedser retired and contributed a piece on his career memories. On a sadder note, Hubert Preston, editor of the Almanack from 1943 to 1951, passed away. Fittingly, Neville Cardus, who was originally asked to write for the Almanack by Preston, provided a warm tribute.
Editor Norman Preston
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Year of contrasts and controve, 1961

Bowling for Surrey and England

It might be sensible for smaller counties to amalgamate, 1961

Cricket alive again

Onus now on England and Australia, 1961

The greatest Test match

Australia and West Indies tie, 1961

The throwing controversy

Imperial conference tackle many problems, 1961

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Australia in Pakistan and India, 1959-60

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M.C.C. team in West Indies 1959-60

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South Africans in England, 1960

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