Learie Constantine provided an analysis on why there was so much dull play, and bemoaned the introduction of science into the game. There was a tribute to Tom Graveney for his century of centuries, by Neville Cardus, who that year became the first cricket writer to be honoured in the Queen's birthday honours list. Rowland Ryder, whose father had been secretary of Warwickshire, wrote on the "Pleasures of reading Wisden", in which he imagined such things as which copy he would take to a desert island with him, and wondered "how many wives have become grass-widowed on account of the limp-covered yellow-backed magician?". There is also an obituary notice for Peter Cat, a "well-known cricket watcher at Lord's ... whose ninth life had ended".
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Australia keep the Ashes, 1965

A Middlesex century

A hundred years of cheerfulness and enjoyment, 1965

Cricket an art not a science

Science is at the expense of enjoyment, 1965

Cricket in the 17th and 18th centuries


Neville Cardus

Thousands more enjoying the game through his writing, 1965

The pleasures of reading Wisden

Bread and butter cricket, 1965

Tom Graveney - a century of centuries

A man of style and spirit, 1965

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Australia in India and Pakistan, 1964-65

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Australians in England, 1964

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M.C.C. team in India, 1963-64

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South Africa in Australia and New Zealand, 1963-64

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