The Rev. J.H. Kirwan

THE REV. J. H. KIRWAN died on the 13th of June at a very advanced age. He played his first match at Lord"s for Eton against Harrow in 1834 . Mr. Kirwan"s name will live in cricket history if only by reason of one performance. In the match between the M. C. C. and Eton on the 9th July, 1835 , he bowled down all the ten wickets in the M. C. C."s second innings. After leaving Eton he went up to Cambridge, and in a match between the Town and University on the 24th of May, 1836 , he took fifteen of the Town Club"s wickets-all being bowled down. He took six wickets in the first innings and nine in the second. He was in the Cambridge eleven, but was unable to play against Oxford at Lord"s in 1836 . He was a round arm bowler of tremendous pace, with a very low delivery which, Mr. Haygarth says, approached a jerk but was allowed.

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