Super Six - 2003 World Cup

Australia v New Zealand

At Port Elizabeth, March 11, 2003. Australia won by 96 runs. Toss: New Zealand.

Strong, straight and vividly justifying his billing as one of the world's fastest bowlers, Bond concluded with a spell of 4-2-3-3 to emerge with six for 23, the best one-day international return yet for New Zealand. Yet, once again, Australia showed that great teams like nothing better than a hole to escape from. Bond's analysis thus became the most individually fruitful, yet collectively fruitless, in World Cup annals. Having won four of their last six one-day games against Australia, New Zealand were optimistic about slaying the dragon even before the St George's pitch, a muddy shade of pale, shortened the odds. Defying local wisdom by fielding first, Fleming shuffled his attack with a quiet flourish and made seven changes by the 24th over. Australia were in desperate trouble at 84 for seven. Bond's allocation, though, was all but spent and, in a virtual replay of their stand against England on the same ground, Bevan and Bichel added 97, with Bevan contributing the lamb's share of 36. His high-risk strategy having paid off less profitably than hoped, Fleming fought alone as McGrath slipped through the top order. Cairns began with four, four and six, but his slice to third man prefaced an almighty clatter and New Zealand's lowest World Cup total: Lee plucked out the last five in 15 balls, a vulture bent on supper.

Man of the Match: S. E. Bond. Attendance: 11,104.

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