The Almanack was in no doubt as to where the blame lay for a disappointing season in 1900. "The fielding has been bad, thoroughly bad," opined DLA Jephson. "Men stand in the field ... like so many waxen figures in a third-rate tailor's shop." Yorkshire's success in the County Championship could, Jephson believed, be directly attributed to their relative zest in the field, and if other counties followed suit, "there will be but few drawn matches, [and] few new rules required in our great national game." There was another evil gripping the game that year: "throwing and dubious bowling", as tackled by Sydney Pardon in his editor's notes. "Better late than never," was his reaction to the news that a clampdown on illegal actions was to be instigated.
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Unfair bowling, 1901

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Mr. R. E. Foster and four Yorkshiremen