The editor Norman Preston took great pleasure from sponsorship and TV money's capacity to put county cricket back on its feet financially, but warned: "Standards on the pitch are falling, especially where batting is concerned." Four Australians were among the Cricketers of the Year - Dennis Lillee, Bob Massie, Keith Stackpole and Greg Chappell - with Richie Benaud writing on them all. Sir Compton Mackenzie died shortly after submitting some of his cricket memories to the Almanack, which meant this, the 110th edition, contained the final published article of that acclaimed author.
Editor Norman Preston
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Notes by the Editor

Serious decline in English batmanship, 1973

Norfolk and the Edrich clan

A special tribute to Bill Edrich, 1973

Ray Illingworth, C.B.E.

Keeper of the Ashes, 1973

Shillings for W.G.

Looking back eighty years, 1973

Skills and controversy

Two fine Test series, 1973

The Warwickshire way

What is it that makes Warwickshire tick? (1973)

Series included

Australians in England, 1972

Report | Matches

New Zealanad in the West Indies, 1971-72

Report | Matches

The Prudential Trophy, 1972

Report | Matches