Obituaries during the war, 1914-1916

Particulars of the following Deaths were not received in time for inclusion in WISDEN'S ALMANACK FOR 1917.

ARCHER, 2ND LIEUT. ELI TOWNEND (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), killed July 23, 1916, aged 23. Dewsbury and Savile C.C.

BADENOCH, PRIVATE GEORGE HUNTLEY (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Kelton Castle, Douglas (Scotland), April 9, 1882, killed June 15, 1915. Played for the Indian Head C.C., of Saskatchewan.

BAGGE, PTE. SYDNEY CHAS. JOHN (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in London, July 23, 1879; killed September 16, 1916. Westmount C.C., of Montreal.

BATTERSBY, 2ND LIEUT. CARYL LIONEL MORSE (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), killed November 18, 1916, aged 21. King Edward's School, Sheffield.

BELLI, PRIVATE PHILIP KEITH (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Leicester, February 26, 1890, killed November 23, 1916. Public Schools C.C., of Vancouver.

BELL, LIEUT. DANIEL HUNTER (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Edinburgh September 6, 1884, killed October 8, 1916. Burrard C.C., of Vancouver. Military Cross.

BLAKE, LIEUT. M. F. (King's Royal Rifles), killed September 14, 1914. New College ( Oxford), Greenjackets and 60th Rifles XI.

BODY, PRIVATE HAROLD (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Brighton July 31, 1890, killed December 15, 1916. Played for the Wanderers C.C., of Winnipeg.

BOND, GUNNER FREDK. HAMILTON BLIGH (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Aldershot, April 8, 1894, died of wounds May 13, 1915. Toronto C.C.

BROOKE-SMITH, PRIVATE EDWARD CHAS. (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Musgenbarg, South Africa, March 21, 1892, died of wounds December 9, 1916. Cowichan C.C.

BROWN, PRIVATE ROBERT REEVES (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Middlewich, March 21, 1884, killed September 30, 1916. Point-Grey C.C. of British Columbia.

BURR, LIEUT. FREDK. BONHAM (Worcestershire Regiment), born 1887, killed Match 12, 1915. Denstone College XI. Oxford Freshmen 1908.

CHRISTISON, LIEUT. AND ADJUTANT F. J. (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders), killed December 2, 1915. Edinburgh Academy XI, University College ( Oxford) XI. Played in the Oxford Freshmen's Match 1914 and a Trial Game.

CLARKE, PRIVATE ELIAS JAMES (Canadian Expeditionary Force), killed September 26, 1916. Edmonton C.C., of Alberta.

COBB, CAPT. KENNETH RHODES (King's Royal Rifles), born June 6, 1875, killed July 1, 1915. Sedbergh School XI, 1915. Balliol (Ox.) XI. Member of M.C.C. since 1897.

COKER, LIEUT. CADWALLADER JOHN (Welsh Regt.), killed June 22, 1915. Wellington College XI, 1911. Oxford Freshmen, 1912. Oriel (Ox.) XI.

COMPEMAN, LIEUT. ROBERT GEARE HENRY (Essex Regt.). died of wounds, January 12, 1916, aged 21. Magdalen (Ox.) XI.

CUNNINGHAM, CAPT. ROBERT COCKS, M.C. (Black Watch), killed September 3, 1916. Glenalmond XI about 1901-2.

CUNNINGHAME, CAPT. ALFRED KEITH SMITH (Grenadier Guards), killed September 15, 1916. Brasenose (Ox.) XI. The Guards XI.

DANSON, LIEUT. FRANCIS RUDOLPH (Cheshire Regiment), born January 30, 1892, killed August 10, 1915. Trinity College ( Oxford) XI. (Not in XI while at Sedbergh).

DOWSON, CAPT. HUMPHREY, M.C. (King's Royal Rifles Corps), killed September 15, 1916, aged 27. Uppingham XI, 1907 and 1908. Had been Mentioned in Dispatches.

EDWARDS, CAPT. ARTHUR CORBETT (Royal West Kent Regt.), born 1870, killed September 25, 1915. Eton v. Winchester 1890: St. Edmund's Hall (Ox.) XI; Kent Second XI: made 75 and 34 v. Middlesex Second XI at Hythe, 1895. Did great things for the Folkestone C.C. e.g., in June, 1911, v. Hythe, at Folkestone, he (169*) and D. M. Radford (106*) made 288 without loss when Folkestone went in to get 285. For Folkestone v. Shorncliffe Garrison, at Shorncliffe, in June, 1904, he bowled unchanged through the home side's innings of 118, taking seven wickets for 45, and batted through the other innings, scoring 49. No other player made double figures for Folkestone, the next highest score in the total of 85 being seven. Had been a member of the M.C.C. since 1909.

EGERTON-WARBURTON, CAPT. JOHN (Scots Guards), born December 13, 1883, died August 30, 1915, in the manchester Military Hospital from acute blood poisoning. Eton XI, 1901 and 1902.

ELTHAM, LIEUT. KEITH (Australian Expeditionary Force), born at Hobart, October 10, 1886, killed December 31, 1916. Representative Tasmanian player. Scored 78 v. New South Wales, at Sydney, 1910-11; 58 v. Victoria, at Melbourne, 1912-13; 51 v. South Africans, at Hobart, 1910-11. Played in district cricket for Wellington and (later) West Hobart, scoring 2,589 runs with an average of 33.62, his highest innings being 146 for West Hobart v. New Town, in 1905-6. A useful bowler.

FOSBERRY, PTE. SPENCER ISAAC (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Godalming, March 28, 1881; killed June 3, 1916. Played for the five C's. C.C. of Victoria (B.C.) Good all-round.

FREEMAN THOMAS, LIEUT. THE HON. GERALD FREDK. F. (Coldstream Guards), born May 3, 1893, killed September 14, 1914. Eton XI, 1911 and 1912. He scored 36 and 16 against Harrow in 1912, and though only eighth on the list for an exceptionally strong batting side he had an average that year of 30.62. He was a fairly good bowler. Son of Lord Willingdon.

HAWARDEN, LIEUT. THE 6TH VISCOUNT (ROBERT CORNWALIS MAUDE) (Coldstream Guards), born September 6, 1890, killed August 25, 1914. Household Brigade XI.

HAY, LIEUT. DOUGLAS ARCHIBALD (R.N.A.S.), born in Canada, September 21, 1889; killed September, 1915. Trinity College School XI, Port Hope.

HENRY, LIEUT. C. (Worcestershire Regt.) killed September, 1914. Exeter College (Ox.) XI, Regimental Cricket, Tidworth Garrison XI.

HOOD, REAR-ADMIRAL, THE HON. HORACE LAMBERT ALEXANDER R. N., C.B., D.S.O, M.V.O. Born 1870, lost in his flag-ship, the Queen Mary, in the Battle of Jutland, May 31, 1916. Was a very keen, if not very distinguished cricketer. When in command of a battleship he always endeavoured to secure good cricketers as the officers of his ward and gun-rooms. When in command of the Hyacinth he was captain of the officers' team, which included C. H. Abercrombie (who perished with him), and Lieut. F. W. B. Wilson, who had played at Lord's for the Navy, and was the all round `star' player.

HORSER, CAPT. STANLEY COTTRELL SEYMOUR (King's Liverpool Regt.), killed October 12, 1916, aged 21. Queen's College (Ox.), XI 1914.

MR. J. H. HUNT ( Middlesex), born November 24, 1874, killed 1916. Details with regard to the death of Mr. Hunt have never been published. Place and date are unknown, but his friends have long given up hope that he is sill alive. Mr. Hunt was a very good all-round cricketer and so full of enthusiasm for the game that he was more valuable on a side than many players of greater natural gifts. He was a very Plucky punishing bat, a useful change bowler--right hand fast--and a brilliant fieldsman wherever he was placed. He played his first match for Middlesex in 1902--a disastrous year for the county--making his first appearance in the Whit-Monday fixture against Somerset. After an interval of over fifteen year one recalls his undisguised delight when on being tried as second change, he took a wicket with the first ball he bowled. In his second innings he hit up 60, but in his four subsequent matches for Middlesex in 1902 he did next to nothing with either bat or ball. In 1903, however, when Middlesex won the County Championship he proved his worth as a batsman, getting an average of 27 with 57 as his highest score. It cannot be said that during his connection with Middlesex he improved as a batsman on his early efforts, but he headed the bowling in 1908, taking thirteen wickets in five matches with an average of 19 runs a wicket. His highest innings in first-class cricket was 128 in the Gentlemen v. Players Match at the Oval in 1904--the very unsatisfactory match in which two changes were made in the Gentlemen's team after the first day.

S. H. P.

HUNTER, SERGT. WM. JOHNSTONE (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Edinburgh January 11, 1889; killed September 26, 1916. Played for the Coquitlam C.C., of Vancouver. A good all round cricketer.

KEKEWICH, CAPT. JOHN (The Buffs), born 1891; killed September 26, 1815. Eton XI, 1909; Sandhurst 1910. He was a useful bat at Eton, having an average of 27.28. Against Harrow at Lord's in a drawn match, he scored 17 and 14.

KNOTT, PTE. ARTHUR R. (Canadian Expeditionary force), born at Manchester, April 16, 1878; killed April 28, 1916. Hillhurst C.C. of Calgary.

LAKIN, LIEUT. CHARLES (Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry), died of wounds, August 26, 1916, aged 27. St. Catherine's College (Ox.) XI.

LAYTON, LIEUT. FRANCIS PAUL HAMILTON (Canadian Expeditionary Force), bourn at Truro, Nova Scotia, April 13, 1888; killed July 24, 1916. Lynn Valley C.C., of British Columbia. All-round player.

LLOYD, PTE. CARL H. (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in North Wales; killed June 17, 1915. Vancouver C.C.

LUGTON, LANCE-CORPORAL FRANK (Australian Expeditionary Force), killed July 29, 1916, aged 22. Northcote C.C., of Melbourne; for Victoria v. Tasmania, at Launceston in March 1914 he scored 94 not out and 20. For Victoria that season his batting figures gave him an aggregate of 218 runs and an average of 31; and he took nine wickets for 34.11 runs each.

MACKENDRICK, LIEUT. GORDON KING (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Toronto June 9, 1894; killed October 8, 1916. Trinity College School, Port Hope, XI, 1914.

MACKENZIE, LIEUT. KENNETH FITZPATRICK (Cameron High landers), born 1891; killed September 25, 1915. Trinity College (Ox.) XI. Was not in XI while at Wellington.

MANGIN, PTE. HENRY REUBEN FREDK. (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Anglesea, December 28, 1889, died of wounds, Match 27, 1916. Osborne C.C. of Montreal. A hard-hitting bat.

MAXWELL, PTE. J. H. (Royal Scots), killed May 22, 1915. Wadham College XI, Oxford.

MITCHELL, PTE. RICHARD ARTHUR (Canadian Expeditionary Force: Machine-gun Section), born at Kingston (Ont.), June 8, 1894; killed September 15, 1916. Trinity College School XI, Port Hope.

MYERS, PTE. ARTHUR (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in London February 3, 1886; killed September 26, 1916. St. Jude's C.C., of Winnipeg.

NICHOL, PTE. GEORGE (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Hawick February 6, 1892; killed October 23, 1916. Played for the Five C's. C.C. of Victoria (B.C.) Good bat and wicket-keeper.

PARKER, PTE, GEO. (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in Yorkshire, January 13, 1893; accidentally killed December 5, 1916. St. John's C.C., of Calgary.

PEEL, 2ND LIEUT. COLIN NEVILLE (Hants. Regt.), born at Ferryside, South Wales, August 6, 1886; killed September 3, 1916. Public Schools C.C., of Vancouver.

PENRUDDOCKE, CAPT. CYRIL POWYS (R. Sussex Regt.), killed September 3, 1916, aged 20. Bradfield XI, 1912.

PIGG, 2ND LIEUT. BERNARD WILLIAM (Worcestershire Regt.), born 1888; killed July 3, 1916. Tonbridge School XI, 1904-5-6-7; captain his last year. Trial games at Cambridge--Freshmen 1908; Seniors 1910 and 1911, scoring 32 and 31 in the latter year. Cambridgeshire XI. Incogniti. Was a good all-round man at Tonbridge.

PILLOW, LANCE-CORPL. GEORGE THOMAS (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Toronto, December 19, 1885; killed November 19, 1916. Rosade and St. Albans Clubs, of Toronto.

PRYCE-JONES, LIEUT. REGINALD ERNEST (Canadian Expeditionary Force). Born at Perry, Montgomeryshire, October 13, 1896; killed November 18, 1916. Calgary C.C., of Alberta.

PURDIE, PTE. JOHN (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Hamilton, Scotland, April 17, 1895; died of wounds, May 8, 1915. Lynn Valley C.C., of Vancouver (B.C.).

RAWLE LIEUT. CHAS. WM. FORBES (Worcestershire Regt.), born at Lewisham August 27, 1892: killed April 14, 1916. Toronto C.C. and Brantford C.C. Had been wounded.

RICKETTS, LIEUT. NEVILLE H. (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Hamilton (Ontario), January 2, 1892; died of wounds, December 31, 1915. Toronto C.C.

ROUND, CAPT. JAMES MURRAY (Essex Regt.) Military Cross. Wounded three times. Killed November 13, 1916, aged 22. Haileybury 2nd XI wicket-keeper.

RUSSELL, 2ND LIEUT. J. ERIC (Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt), died of wounds, a prisoner of war, November 23, 1916, aged 23. Dulwich College XI, 1910; Lloyd's Register C.C. A good bowler.

SAMSON, CAPT. ARTHUR LEGGE (Royal Welsh Fusiliers), killed September 25, 1915. Merton College (Ox.) XI.

SAYER, LIEUT. CECIL OVERSBY (Durham Light Infantry), died of wounds, June 7, 1915. Queen's College (Ox.) XI.

SIMPSON, 2ND LIEUT. ANTHONY BEAN TRACY (Duke of Wellington's Regt.), killed May 5, 1915, aged 19. Bedford Grammar School XI, 1913. A left handed medium-pace bowler, he took 32 wickets with an average of 12.31.

SKOLTOWE, 2ND LIEUT. CLAUDE MANNERING (South Lancs. Regt.), killed October 21, 1916, aged 18. Forest School XI, 1913-14-15. A useful bowler. In his last year he did very well, taking 32 wickets.

SLOCOCK, 2ND LIEUT. LANCELOT ANDREW NOEL (Liverpool Regt.), born at Wooton Wawen Vicarage (Warwickshire), December 25, 1886; killed august 9, 1916. Marlborough College XI, 1904. Football International.

STEIN, CORP. CHAS. DISNER PENDER (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Shipston-on Stour, Worces., October 4, 1890; killed May 24, 1916. Lynn Valley C.C. of British Columbia.

STEPHENSON, LIEUT. CYRIL EDWARD SEYMOUR (North Somerset Yeomanry), born at Colorado Springs, November 26, 1880; died of wounds, December 6, 1916. In neither XI while at Eton and Magdalen College (Ox.) Played for New York v. Gentlemen of Ireland in 1909. Highest score 102 for Fort Washington v. S.S. Lusitania in 1909, when he and J. H. Gordon (108) made 198 for the first wicket. A stylish bat.

STOCK, CAPT. AND ADJT. A. B. (Yeomanry), died of pneumonia, December 12, 1915. Eton XI, 1910. He gained his place as a change bowler, and proved useful, taking 14 wickets for rather less than sixteen runs each.

STREET, MAJOR EDMUND R., D.S.O. ( Notts. and Derby Regt.), born in London (Canada), May 20, 1876; died of wounds, October 15, 1916. Guelph C.C. of Canada.

TUCK, CAPT. WM. SINCLAIR (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Oakville (Ontario), killed October 30, 1916. Upper Canada College XI, 1911.

TUCKER, SERGT. GEORGE S. (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Flalts, Bermuda, July 17, 1893; killed June 13, 1916. Trinity College, Port Hope XI.

VENABLES. LIEUT. G. R. (King's Shropshire Light Infantry), killed March 7, 1915. University College (Ox.), XI; Shropshire Gentlemen.

WALKER, SERGT. JOHN P. (Australian Imperial Force), killed at Battle of Pozieres, July 29, 1916, aged 25. A first-class wicket-keeper and a forcible batsman of great promise. Headed the East Melbourne averages in 1911-12 with 52.66. Played for Victorian Colts.

WALKER, CAPT. STANLEY (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Bittington, Durham, June 25, 1890; killed September 26, 1916. Hillhurst C.C., of Calgary.

WALLACE, SERGT. A. ( New Zealand Engineers), killed May, 1915. Oxford Freshmen, 1913; made 37, highest score in the match. Came from Auckland.

WARD, LIEUT. THE HON. GERALD ERNEST FRANCIS, M.V.O. (1st Life Guards), killed October 30, 1914, aged 36. Eton XI, 1896. Gloucestershire XI. Household Brigade XI. He was the most successful bowler of this year at Eton, taking 35 wickets for just over 11 runs each, but he did little or nothing against Harrow at Lord's.

WASHINGTON, LIEUT. HERBERT HOWELLS (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in Canada, July 12, 1893; killed July 23, 1915. Highfield School XI, 1907 to 1912 inclusive--six years: Captain In 1911 and 1912. Hamilton C.C., 1911 to 1914. Good all-round.

WELBY, LIEUT. R.W. G. (Grenadier Guards), killed September 20, 1914. Christ Church (Ox.) XI. Captain of Grantham Town C.C.

WELD-BLUNDELL, LIEUT. RICHARD SHIRBURNE (King's Liverpool Regt), died on active service, the result of an accident at Ramsgate, January 1, 1916. Pembroke College (Ox.) XI.

WEST, LANCE-CORP. WILLIAM (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Northampton, January 17, 1880: died of wounds, November 23, 1916. Captain of the Brantford C.C. ( Canada), in 1915.

WHITAKER, LIEUT. HERBERT ATHERTON (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in London, Ontario, June 29, 1888; died of wounds, October 25, 1916. Calgary C.C., of Alberta.

WHITTAKER, CAPT. ROGER D'ARCY (Royal Sussex Regt.), born March 4, 1891; killed June 30, 1916. Burrard C.C., of Vancouver.

WILKINS, PTE. CHAS. (CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE), born at Bow, February 17, 1877; killed September 15, 1916. Brantford C.C., of Ontario. Good slow bowler and fair bat.

WOODHAMS, CAPT. GEOFFREY (Royal Sussex Regt.), killed March 19, 1916, aged 24. Christ's Hospital; Keble College (Ox.) XI.

WROUGHTON, LIEUT. MUSGRAVE CAZENOVE (12th Lancers) died of wounds, October 30, 1914. Christ Church (Ox.) XI.

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