As the 1987 edition did not include the Laws for space reasons, Graeme Wright did not dare leave them out again after a year which was "threatened by malevolence and near-anarchy". Wright added that "sport was not meant to be a war substitute, and cricket must not find itself being forced into that role". Deliberately slow over-rates, blatant dissent on the field, biased umpiring and a lack of leadership in the game, especially in England, all came under his fire. However, to provide some order and sanity, the straight-talking Geoffrey Boycott and the cunning Derek Underwood were both featured. As was Graeme Pollock, who retired after playing only 23 Tests, and who to most was sadly "little more than a name".
Editor Graeme Wright
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A wet summer but no sticky dogs and more, 1988

150 years at Trent Bridge

Notts anniversary heralded by the Championship, 1988

A coach's viewpoint

County cricket has lost the art of bowling sides out, 1988

Derek Underwood - an appreciation

Took pleasure in his craft but placed craft above all, 1988

Graeme Pollock - a retrospective

A 'genius' of a batsman, 1988

The master craftsman

A study of Geoffrey Boycott, 1988

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Champions Trophy, 1986-87

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England in Australia 1986-87

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Sharjah Cup, 1986-87

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The Australians in India, 1986-87

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The New Zealanders in Sri Lanka, 1986-87

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The Pakistanis in England, 1987

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The Pakistanis in India, 1986-87

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The Sri Lankans in India, 1986-87

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The West Indians in New Zealand, 1986-87

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The West Indians in Pakistan, 1986-87

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