Matthew Engel took over the editorship pledging that the Almanack's reputation for independence and accuracy was paramount. He made a few gentle changes - "to make the book clearer and more accessible to new readers without disturbing the rhythm understood by those who already know and love it." In bringing more relevant content into play while trimming or quietly losing some of the anachronisms, he succeeded. In his Notes he addressed the split of the game into two sports - the traditional and the one-day versions - as well as disputes over the omission of David Gower from the England tour to India and the simmering row over ball tampering. As expected, he did not hold back from expressing his views on either.
Editor Matthew Engel
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Notes by the Editor

The Gower affair and Silence and Lamb, 1993

A canny first season

Durham's county championship debut, 1993

African sunrise

The return of South Africa, cricket's prodigal son, 1993

From Gravesend to the grave

The decline and fall of three-day cricket, 1993

Pakistani bowling - fair or foul?

Subtle law change would free Waqar and co from controversy, 1993

The Murray report: the case against

Deep misgivings about a defensive philosophy, 1993

The Murray report: the case in favour

The better team now more likely to prevail, 1993

The roar of the greasepaint - the smell of the linseed

The theatre of cricket, 1993

Series included

England in New Zealand, 1991-92

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The 1992 World Cup

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The Indians in Australia, 1991-92

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The Pakistanis in England, 1992

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The South Africans in India, 1991-92

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The South Africans in the West Indies, 1991-92

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The Sri Lankans in Pakistan, 1991-92

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The West Indians in Pakistan and Australia, 1991-92

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Wills Trophy, 1991-92

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