The Wisden Cricketer Readers' Poll August 17, 2005

Benaud: 'Simply the voice of cricket'

A selection of readers' comments on the great commentary debate

Here are a selection of readers' comments on the great commentary debate

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Peter Woolstenholmes "Richie Benaud is quite simply the voice of cricket."

Simon Jailler "Bob Willis is a total misery; perhaps he should wait for David Dimbleby to move on and start commentating on sombre state occasions. Willis would persuade me to start mourning. And just because Mark Nicholas sounds posh, goes `gosh', `golly' and `jeepers' it does not make him the ideal cricketing front man."

M Burns "Don't let Charles Colevile within 50 miles of a microphone."

Nicola Flintham "Simon Hughes ... release him from his tin box into the light of day!"

Alan Denby "Dishonourable mention to Bob Willis for single-handedly increasing the volume of phone calls to the Samaritans by 300% every time he tells us that everyone, if not crap, is certainly not very good and the weather's bad as well."

Stephen Curry "Can Boycott, Willis, Ian Chappell, Allott, Greig and Lawry please retire?"

Martin Sample "If you were also looking for a scorer my vote certainly would not have gone to Mr Frindall - just keep the score Bill and keep quiet - I am not interested in your views."

Richard Sumner "It wasn't the same when Boycs was away. The best reader of the game in the business - how many times has he called it right?"

Geoff Statham "Geoff Boycott: big-headed, patronising, boring guff."

Thomas van der Gucht "The ECB should be ashamed for pimping off international cricket to the highest bidder. My selection provides the ECB with the team they deserve: [after much ranting Thomas' selection ends with] Jeffrey Archer - I hear that he's a big fan of cricket he would provide a fitting finale to my rogues gallery. Morally bankrupt, reprehensible and egotistical."

Roger Goodacre "Not only were the great West Indian quicks too good for Botham, Gower et al, Holding shows they were evidently much shrewder thinkers about the game."

Richard Sumner "Nasser Hussain: purely for comedy value - you can guarantee that in Nasser's opinion, it won't be good enough `against the Australians'. `Yes Andrew Strauss has made 136 but that won't be enough against the Australians!' Is he like this at home? `Karen, this chicken korma is great but you're going to need to take it up a level if we're going to have Ricky Ponting round for dinner, because if the Australians spot a weakness they'll seize on it.'"

Ed Collacott "TMS sounds like public school boys having fun, perhaps fine in the 1960s and 1970s but not any more. I am fed up with buses and pigeons. Michael Atherton is brilliant, authoritative, intelligent and articulate. How come he wasn't such a great captain?"

S Margetts "David Gower has the aura of someone who thinks he's doing the viewer a favour by being there. Nasser Hussain commentates like my dad orders breakfast from locals in Spain."

Andrew Thomas "Nasser Hussain makes the captain's thoughts known better than all others."

Bob Pennells "Can you give us the option of no commentary, just the background noise?"