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Umar Amin's run-out 'unfortunate', says Waqar

Siddarth Ravindran in Dambulla

June 21, 2010

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Pakistan coach Waqar Younis speaks to the press, Lahore, June 9, 2010
Waqar Younis: "If you open the law book, he's out, but the way whole thing happened, it feels sometimes it was sad" © Associated Press
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The controversial run-out of Pakistan batsman Umar Amin against Bangladesh has again brought into focus the much-debated spirit of cricket.

Amin had punched a delivery to long-off and completed an easy single in the 22nd over with Pakistan coasting at 135 for 1. After grounding his bat, Amin started to walk across the stumps to take up his position at the non-striker's end because the bowler, Mahmudullah, was bowling from round the wicket. While doing so, Amin was out of the crease with his bat was in the air, and the bowler - not facing the batsman, and unaware of Amin's position - perfunctorily whipped off the bails. Shakib Al Hasan, fielding at extra cover, noticed Amin was out of his crease and appealed for a run-out. The third umpire declared the batsman out. Pakistan coach Waqar Younis, speaking to reporters after the game, termed the dismissal "unfortunate".

Younis said that though Amin was out according to the rules, it was sad his innings had ended in that manner. "I mean he was out, if you open the law book, he's out, but the way whole thing happened, it feels sometimes it was sad," Younis said. "He's a youngster, he's talented, he needed time out there, which I think he took. He looked very good, but it's just unfortunate."

Jamie Siddons, the Bangladesh coach, did not wish to comment on the incident. "I wasn't even watching, so I don't have a clue," he said.

The spirit of cricket had also taken centre stage during last year's ICC Champions Trophy when Angelo Mathews was recalled by England captain Andrew Strauss after he was run out following a collision with bowler Graham Onions while turning for the second run.

There have been several incidents similar to the Amin run-out in the past, the most recent being Muttiah Muralitharan being declared run-out during the Christchurch Test in 2006 after the stumps were broken once he rushed to congratulate his batting partner Kumar Sangakkara for completing a hundred. The man who dismissed Murali on that occasion was Brendon McCullum, who had been involved in another such run-out, of Chris Mpofu, in a Test against Zimbabwe in 2005.

Perhaps the most famous of this sort of dismissal is former England captain Tony Greig running out Alvin Kallicharran during the first Test against West Indies at Port-of-Spain in February 1974. Unbeaten on 142, Kallicharan watched Bernard Julien defend the final delivery of the day. He had backed up a few steps, but seeing the wicketkeeper flick off the bails to indicate the end of the day he continued to walk towards the pavilion. Greig then threw down the stumps at the bowler's end and Kallicharan was ruled out. The decision, however, was overruled after a two-and-a-half hour meeting at the ground.

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Posted by   on (June 24, 2010, 9:40 GMT) props to shakib al hasan for good attention to detail, need more players w a brain in the game. people are just mad because it doesn't happen that way too often. get over it!

Posted by kunushah on (June 24, 2010, 3:01 GMT)

Hi all guys - i would just like to clarify - that the two freak Inzamam run out dismissals were against England and not India

Posted by   on (June 23, 2010, 13:12 GMT)

Do uu guyz remember the ridiculous incident against Inzama-ul-Haq and MISBAH-ul-Haq and both occured against India............... + every1 does ball tampering England, Aus, India(sachin himself did so), Pak ------ but its only a matter of who gets caught... y dnt u guyz read cricketer autobiographies???

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (June 23, 2010, 10:53 GMT)

@ meqasim . Nice to see some Pakistanis talking about spirit of the game! :D I request you to compare you teams attitude with SAs which I mentioned in my earlier post. Thats the spirit, thats whats called gentleman's game.

Double standards on similar issues shows your spirit. In this game, if B'desh won because of that, you may feel the spirit better!!!.

Posted by   on (June 23, 2010, 10:52 GMT)

@Sankararaman u r trying to say Afridi did same as ur ledgent did for what he was banned for 2 matchs that means what he did was bigger crime then what Afridi did coz he just baned for T20 ..... Means Idian cricket palyers are best in cheating???? Isn't it???

Posted by   on (June 23, 2010, 10:40 GMT)

Still i cant understant all shit written here abt Sachin and all... how could u guys can compare this incedet with Sachin???? U Indian Guys r fool....

Posted by KiwiRocker- on (June 23, 2010, 10:27 GMT)

Man007- Read my name mate and think before you write. I am not Pakistani. I am just an admirer of good old game of cricket.

I repeat, it is silly that Tendulkar's run out is being mentioned as that was a clear cut run out given by the umpire due to superb piece of fielding. Shoib Akhtar did not intentionally block Tendulkar's path. Its history. As I said, there is no guarantee that India would have won.

Problem with Indian team and supporters is that they hype themselve so much and live on non sensical ICC rankings that when it matters, team India fails to deliver. Tendulkar the most overrated batsman of game is like a God while whiole world knows Brian Lara was way better than tendulkars! What has India won in recent past?? Any world cup, ICC champs trophey, ?? Anything of note in international events. Nothing!..Your IPL has become a hall of shame. Just on other day Pakistan kicked team India out of ICC champs trophey.Enjoy the game and do no sulk over past...!

Posted by meqasim on (June 23, 2010, 6:57 GMT)

@man007. So you mean to say, a batsman can never be out at 99, 199, 299. You seem to have missed the Chennai test in the same series as the Calcutta Test (although this one was part of the Asian Test Champioinship). Tendulkar was batting at 130+ with India needing 16 more to win with four wickets in hand. He got out and Pakistan won by 11 runs.

You are right, theres no defending what Afridi did or Rashid latif did. At the same time, there should be no defending what Saint Dravid or Saint Tendulkar did or any other player does.

However, Tendulkar's run out, as unfortunate as it was, was in no way against the spirit of the game.

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (June 23, 2010, 5:30 GMT)

Pakistanis trying to defend Afridi's ball tampering case with Sachin's and Dravid's case. lol... funny. Neither SA team nor any players complained about the them. No video footage shows that they did anything wrong. Check the news papers and what your own legends replied to that incident and Afridi's incident. These people must be in a fool's paradise! And Inzamam is notorious for his lazy running and I never heard a complained aboutthose mentioned incidents from Paki team ever!. And someone mentioned that India was not going to win the match!. Just check the scoreboaed before you post. India lost the match by 12 runs and Schin was batting on 100+. You must be a fool to say that a batsman batting on 100+ can't score those 12-15 runs!!. I can find only one reson for these comments- that is, Pakistan fans yet to digest India's win. Pakistan got enough runout, catch chances and if your team not able to capitalize those, then you are not deserved to win. better luck next time! :P

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 22:07 GMT)

gambhir should be banned for matches he always fights with anyone.

Posted by zob1 on (June 22, 2010, 13:59 GMT)

hello people!! My indian collegues forget the Indian tour of Pakistan in 2005 when inzimam was given out TWICE when indian appealed and in both occasions he was trying to avoid getting PHYSICALLY hit by the ball!! so sachin's "dismissal" might be sad but wasn't as epic as inzimam the backbone of pakistan being given out twice in one series!! @SANKARMAN our captain ate the ball but your legend sachin has also been banned for 2 matches for "BALL TEMPERING"!!! so before pointing fingers at us look at your legends too!

Posted by meqasim on (June 22, 2010, 13:20 GMT)

First of all, Shoaib was not the bowler. Must have taken a hell of a lot of practice for Nadeem Khan to hit the stumps direct from the boundary and for Shoaib to time his positioning just right in front of Tendulkar. Absoultely Delusional some people here.

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 9:48 GMT)

I guess umpire should have ruled him not out coz the action of the play has ended and the bowler was going back to his mark .For me its more of umpire fault and their poor judgment in reading the active play of the ball. Personally i think the BD player who was watching the whole incident and started appealed should have discussed this thing with his caption. Any sports is not just winning ,its playing any game in the right spirits and ethics. There are many incidents where players had the opurtunity to exploit the rules of the games but they dont. I think the umpires should have read the situation well.

Posted by KiwiRocker- on (June 22, 2010, 9:41 GMT)

What is this non sense that Sachin Tendulkar's run out is being mentione? India was going to lose that test match anyway and they sure did. It is also not appropriate to comment on Shahid Afridi's foolish ball chewing incident. I mean Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Mike Atherton have all been accused of ball tampering. I find Waqar Younis's response very mature and candid. Umar Amin showed a good promise and he looks one for the future. Shahid Afridi was not allowed in first match a runner despite obvious cramps against Sri Lanka…No one heard him complaining? Harbhajan Singh is chucking for donkey years and everyone seem to have turned a blind eye while poor Saeed Ajmal who made Indian batsmen look clueless was seen quietly going around his business. Bottom line:We can pick and chose to take sides but whole run out incident was side and I suspect it was out of frustration!

Posted by meqasim on (June 22, 2010, 9:34 GMT)

Ouch!!!! I see some people still smarting from Tendulkar's run out. How does this incident compare with Tendulkar's dismissal. Please watch the video again and then decide. Shoaib was backing up to collect a throw from the boudary and clearly did not deliberately obstruct him. Tendulkar should have tried to avoid him. If a bowler is not able to take a return catch because the non-striker was in the way, should the batsman walk??? The non-striker has to be there and so did Shoaib so get over it already!!!

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 8:41 GMT)

@Roamer, better you watch the video again.....Sachin's bat was on the ground and lifts in air once he colides with Shoaib. They perfect these acts better than any other cricketing nation......after all their captain is the one who ate the ball recently :)

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (June 22, 2010, 8:24 GMT)

history repeats itself . India lost Kolkata test due to controversial run out of Sachin. But this time Pakistan escaped. They will feel bad when the lost a match due to this. I remember few matches where SA players never tried for runout batsman even if they were in the backfoot. (I think Robin singh was in the crease and Hansie Cronje was the captain. In the second time Smith was the captian).

Posted by SachinIsTheGreatest on (June 22, 2010, 8:11 GMT)

There is no spirit of the game in any modern sport today. We fans ourselves would tear our players apart if they did something seemingly noble on the field to the detriment of the team.

Posted by JoeAbrahamm on (June 22, 2010, 7:49 GMT)

@Roamer I think you didn't see the Sachin Run Out Video proper. He did ground the bat into the crease before Shoib Akthar Came backwards and pushed him off the crease, unknowingly. Atleast you should have heard what the commentators were saying. That was wrong so was Amin's runout

Posted by shigri on (June 22, 2010, 7:46 GMT)

Hey guys relax! It's just a game not a war

Posted by AR1985 on (June 22, 2010, 7:33 GMT)

Just to remind some people about their partiality. If they can remember the incidint of Rashid Latif claiming a dropped catch, at least he did not play after that but what about the catch of Saeed Anwar taken by Saurav Ganguly when he was on 194. I cant believe how people suddenly remeber things whereas forget the other ones. Its such a shame.

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 7:13 GMT)

wait a minute, when did Waqar said it is against the spirit of game? he rather termed it unfortunate. Sad to see a lot of guys dwelling into past and bringing out such incidents to sour the taste. Did Sachin complete the run on the much talked about incident? the answer is no. Did Akhter collected the ball and whipped the bails off? the answer is no. it was a direct hit and just the order of things leading to Sachin's dismissal. By the way when did Akhter came in the way or colloided with Sachin? videos suggest it was the other way round. India might have won the game against Pakistan but no wonder why they have poor win ratio against Pakistan. It might be because their fans are always digging deep into such incidents and not on what actually happened.

Posted by Netaji_121 on (June 22, 2010, 6:27 GMT)

"Pak cannot expect other teams to show spirit of game..when they themselves dont follow they did it in last match with india...verbal showed their negative approach to win a game...but the best part is they r BEATEN by india.....& if u see the spirit that akhtar showed after match...u'll come to know how much spirited pak team is.."

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 6:25 GMT)

People, especially my indian friends who were quick to bring up sachin's run out incident must 1st read what waqar younis said about amin's run out. He said, it was 'Unfortunate' and he did not put any blames on any of the Bangladeshi players, or even accuse them of violating the spirit of cricket.

I think such rules are plain simple stupid. Common sense must prevail in such matters. I feel the same way about the boundaries, where no part of a fielders body must be touching the rope when he is in contact with the ball. What the hell? It should not be a boundary as long as it is within the playing area or field, it just complicates the game ... and then you want the sport to spread around in China and the US, wishful thinking!!!

Posted by kickoz on (June 22, 2010, 6:19 GMT)

After reading all message, I just check the video in the following link

The intention was very clear that to block him as fielder is not near the stamps and also he is just near the batsman touch, if you see the first two runs, both batsman touch at the same place where the fielder came and stand. This is real cheat and nobody will accept that fielder Shoaib is there to run out.

Posted by TariQ_P on (June 22, 2010, 6:03 GMT)

@ Kish001 and Vibrant_Patel.........Sachin's run out in Kolkata test has no connection to that as Shoaib Akhter had his back on sachin and sachin banged into it was his fault........and if u remember INDIANs have done that with INZI twice.........why u forget ur mistakes and point out others!!

Posted by ImranShafi on (June 22, 2010, 5:56 GMT)

I have a suggestion for BD team that why they dont start recruiting players from other countries as BD dont have cricket talent. Recruit and pay them as various football nations do it will be miracle if any BD could perform well as a sportsman.. they simply dont have those germs

Posted by Moinudheen on (June 22, 2010, 5:34 GMT)

Is this a real regret and logical comment from Waqar? With all the respect to him and his achievements, i would love to ask about the sportsman spirit of Pakistan team when they brutually run out Sachin on Kotla test a decade back. Sachin had grounded his bat and was clearely in time before he was colleded with Shoaib who suddenly came in front of him to collect the ball. all they team appealed for run out even after seeing that its only cuz of Shoaib Aktar who came suddenly in front. And I believe Waqar was there too. Oh god!! he got the spirt of cricket and Sportsmanship only now? or does he think that the sportsmanship should be shown only against pakistan? not by them? I regret about your comment by deep heart Mr. Waqar.

Posted by Roamer on (June 22, 2010, 5:29 GMT)

@kish001 and Vibrant_Patel: Please stop your anti pakistan rants, check the videos again, Sachin never completed the run, when the throw hit the stumps he hadnt completed the run (if a person is short of crease he is out) and it was Sachin's mistake as he collided with Shoaib (not vice versa as portrayed by you guys) so Sachin makes the mistake of running onto the fielder and then he wants the decision to be in his favor too :), whereas in this case the run was completed as he did ground his bat and since the bowler was standing in such a way that he had to go around him so unfortunately he went out of the crease ..... as for Shakeb the captain who appealed, this really haunted him more as Afridi came in earlier and smashed his bowlers more then Umer Amin could :)

Posted by SaudSami on (June 22, 2010, 5:27 GMT)

I was under the impression the according to cricket laws you could be run out only if you leave the crease with the intent of taking a run. If this is not so it should be. ICC should not leave things to be governed by the 'spirit of cricket' If there are loop holes in the laws, they should be fixed.

Posted by plmx on (June 22, 2010, 5:16 GMT)

@EddyM…interesting comment! But you are only partially right. Firstly, the wicket was lawfully taken, although admittedly a little aggressively! It was a show of alertness for the Bangladeshis, under the influence of their Australian Coach who is slowly but surely bringing the Bangladesh team to proper international standard. Secondly, your comment on "This will come back to haunt them one day"….taken together with …." have to resort to such low level tactics in order to try and help get themselves a win"…can only apply to Pakistan. Unless you are new to the game you will recall the "Ball Eating" incident of Pak Captain and also his "Pirouetting on the Pitch" incident …..neither of which complied with the laws of the game let alone its spirit. Although there is no moral equivalence, nevertheless, maybe you were equally incensed about those incidents too but failed to comment. It is always good for those who take the moral high ground to display balance and fairness themselves.

Posted by ah_expressbowler on (June 22, 2010, 5:13 GMT)

akhter did not collide with sachin but it was sachin who collided with akhter akhter was just collecting the ball but unforutnately the ball hit the stumps and sachin lost his balance naturally after coliding with akhter.

Posted by ah_expressbowler on (June 22, 2010, 5:10 GMT)

this is to kishoo1 and vibrant patel it is not the intention of shoaib akhter and it was the mistake of sachin as he was ball watching and just rammed into the bowler it is the batter who has look out for the baller and evade him as the bowler has to get the ball from the fielder the batter ha to just run straight and avoid the contact with the bowler.

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 5:03 GMT)

Remember the oval match between england and Newzealand at The Oval in 2008.Grant Eliott collided with Sidebottom midpitch but Paul Collingwood still appealed even though the umpire Benson still asked him to reconsider his decision.But Paul didnt and he was booed by the crowd.MCC has to come clean on this.Such as collision between batsman and fielder/bowler results in a dead ball or something.Yes you have to uphold the 'spirit of cricket' but with incidents like Rashid Latif's nonsensical cheat catch against Bangladesh in 2003 ther has to be some rebuttal or punishments for this type of acts.I was glad that Rashid Latif didnt play a match after that incident as his acts were deplorable for being the captain.Such type of harsh punishments are necessary or else there is no difference between Cricket and Hooligan game Football.

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 4:54 GMT)

back n 80's Imran called back srikanth in UAE ODI, He was giving lbw imran called him back and bowled him on the next ball......People have short memories....

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 4:53 GMT)

Md Rafiq Had an opportunity to run out Umar gul(?),when he was in the non striker end with Inzamamul Haq in a test match with Bangladesh,that was the last pair.Inzi made a century in his home ground with the last man to save a defeat---.Md Rafiq's gentleman-ship was never high lighted--------

Rashed Latif, the WK of Pakistan ,dropped a catch of Alok Kapali and grab it again and appeals----- Kapali was declared out in the same tour------

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 4:52 GMT)

to vibrant patel, answer to your question regarding pakistani's showing good spirit is when imran khan called kris srikanth after being given out on a controversial decision in a test match or ODI and he got out the very next ball he came back...hahaha....yaar i'm a big fan of indian team and if we look at past there will be several occasion when things were not done right but it's a game not a hindumuslim or indian paki war....grow up ppl.

Posted by AsifMalik on (June 22, 2010, 4:48 GMT)

I am a Pakistani fan but I think both the incidents, Sachin's run out in Kolkata and Umar Amin's run out yesterday should not have happened. Law makers/ Umpires should make it clear that batsman can only be run out if they are attempting a run.

Posted by ROLAYH on (June 22, 2010, 4:46 GMT)

@ Vibrant_Patel on (June 21 2010, 20:06 PM GMT) Yes, but Pakistan never cried and replaced the match officials... India has done it once, no no twice... :)

Posted by CricEshwar on (June 22, 2010, 4:42 GMT)

Only place where b'desh showed some intention in the entire game.

Posted by kaiser1 on (June 22, 2010, 4:25 GMT)

If anyone from india say sachin run out was out of spirit then where was their own spirit when they called and appealed for run out of Inzamam in Peshawar one dayer after throwing the ball at his body which he tried to protect from getting hit and put the bat to the ball. Indians appealed for run out and still lost that match. Face the music.

Posted by maddy20 on (June 22, 2010, 3:52 GMT)

@Nilesh Spot on Bro! @Pakis what you give is what you get!

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 3:44 GMT)

also the run out of grant elliot in an ODI against england in 2008 where he collided with the bowler and got injured

Posted by dishands on (June 22, 2010, 3:30 GMT)

For me what i feel is that the umpires should take more action and use common sense. The umpire was walking to his crease which means the ball was counted. The head umpire should have consulted the leg umpire & then the 3 rd umpire before referring the decision. As the commentary on Cricinfo said "Common Sense anyone?"

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 3:30 GMT)

Well rule is a rule i still remember sachin got out because of Shoiab akhtar in one test match.Sachin was well into his crease and fielder throw the bowl to stump.To prevent from injury s.akhtar tried to prevent himself because of which his leg make sachin bat in the air and at the same time bowl hit the stump.

Posted by   on (June 22, 2010, 2:45 GMT)


Posted by Fireballz on (June 22, 2010, 0:30 GMT)

Pretty rich coming from a team like Pakistan. Karma perhaps? I just wish it was Afridi on the receiving end.

Posted by Abaa on (June 22, 2010, 0:23 GMT)

I'm sure mr.Jamie Siddons can have a good long look at the replays which I am sure must be available right about now ... If anyone has a link to a video of this would they be kind enough to post it here or on cricinfo's FB page please? That made Afridi come out even quicker so Shakib should kick himself anyway for that unethical display!

Posted by   on (June 21, 2010, 22:05 GMT)

According to law its out but Bang captain should have shown sportsmanship spirit by recalling him

Posted by   on (June 21, 2010, 21:49 GMT)

The coach was not even watching the game? There is your problem Bangladesh.

Posted by EddyM on (June 21, 2010, 21:44 GMT)

It is very sad indeed that the Bangladeshis have to resort to such low level tactics in order to try and help get themselves a win. Shame on the captain and shame on the coach for being unable to comment. This will come back to haunt them one day.

Posted by Deenesh on (June 21, 2010, 21:24 GMT)

LOL. Pakistan Ripped Bamgladesh. Be happy. U can only imagine if sumthing like that had happened in the Ind Pak game. There would have been an absolute uproar... lol

Posted by kish001 on (June 21, 2010, 20:56 GMT)

Not body talk about Sachin runout in Calcutta when he was given runout when a collision with bowler Shoaib Akhtar while collecting ball. Because of that we lost them game by 40 run

Posted by Vibrant_Patel on (June 21, 2010, 20:06 GMT)

Where the Spirit of Cricket was gone, when Sachin Tendulkar given Run-out in kolkata test against Pakistan... after Tendulkar grounded the bat to complete a run & then bowler shoaib Akhtar's leg pushed his bat on air.. & they appealed for run-out... waqar was there on ground, & he had no regrets that time...

How any pak. member can talk about spirit of cricket... we can't remember any incident when they did any actions in spirit of cricket or Game itself..!!

Posted by Omarrz on (June 21, 2010, 19:02 GMT)

There was another one... Inzy declared run out against a follow up throw of Steve harmisson in one of the tests of England tour of 2005

Posted by -Murad- on (June 21, 2010, 18:54 GMT)

Remember Mohammad Rafique in Multan in 2003? Bangladesh could've won that Test match if Gul wasn't called back by Rafique.

Posted by maddy20 on (June 21, 2010, 18:49 GMT)

The unfortunate part was including Bangladesh in the Asia cup. Today's match just testifies that "it's not that they can't win. Its like they don't want to even put up a fight". 55 of 110 balls on a flat wicket is unforgivable especially with the growing concern about the future of ODIs. I would say revoke their test status and grant it to a more determined team such as Ireland or even Zimbabwe would be fine.

Posted by   on (June 21, 2010, 18:47 GMT)

I think Waqar played the famous kolkata test in 1999. When Sachin Tendulkar was given out even after grounding his bat. Shoaib Akhtar collided with Sachin while trying to collect the throw from Naved Latif and in the process Tendulkar lost his balance and his bat was lifted when the bails were broken.

Akram, as expected, did not call Tendulkar back and rest is history.

Posted by Swaroopkeyan on (June 21, 2010, 18:41 GMT)

What about Sachin's run-out in Madras Test??????

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