ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2009 January 21, 2009

Fiery Cann settles dispute with Bermuda board

Cricinfo staff

Bermuda have been boosted by the news that a pay dispute with temperamental allrounder Lionel Cann has been settled and he is now available to take part in the ICC World Cup Qualifiers in April.

Cann, not for the first time, was in conflict with the Bermuda Cricket Board, telling the local press that he felt "totally let dwn" by the board's attitude towards him and his team-mates. His gripe was that the board was not willing to fully compensate him for giving up two jobs to play for the side. The BCB was willing to cover his main job, but was unhappy with Cann's claims that he also did other work in the construction industry.

"Four years on and nothing has changed," Cann, who was involved in a similar row before the 2007 World Cup, told the Bermuda Sun. "Some players have lost thousands of dollars to play for their country and they are still losing money. I have to seriously think about whether I can afford to sign it. [his contract].

"It's alright to say that you're getting paid to do what you love, but it's different for a man that has a family and bills to pay. It isn't just that it is a financial struggle, it's the principle. We had this dispute last time and nothing has changed, I feel totally let down." In 2007 the BCB said it was unable to find any evidence of Cann's second job.

Cann also complained that the levels of remuneration on offer from the board depended on the money earned from the player's day job. "It's a bit unfair that someone who has one well paid job gets more than someone who has to work two jobs to get by, regardless of how they perform on the field."

Cann's work as a school caretaker means he earns less than many of his team-mates.