English cricket September 1, 2008

The Centurions – the world's greatest run-makers


Tom Graveney on the attack against the West Indies in 1966 © Getty Images

Members of the 100-hundreds club are to be honoured in London on Monday. In the Independent, Tom Graveney, the oldest member of that exclusive group, recalls his dangerous hooking instincts, a never-to-be-repeated stint as England wicketkeeper and how he was almost sent home from West Indies.

"South Africa at Old Trafford in 1955," he recalls. "I scored nought and one, and caught three and dropped four at first slip. So when Godfrey Evans broke his finger in two places, Peter May said, 'You might as well keep wicket'. And the first ball I caught, down the leg side off Frank Tyson, that's what happened." Chuckling, Graveney shows me the little finger on his left hand, which he can bend back almost to the horizontal. "Can you see? The middle knuckle doesn't operate any more."

Over in the Telegraph, Bill Frindall pays tribute to the 25 men who have reached the landmark, and dubs Don Bradman the Usain Bolt of the group.

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