June 24, 2009


Introducing the Chic

George Binoy

Women cricketers now have their own bat – the Chic, a blade specifically designed for them. Holly Colvin, who was part of England’s triumphant World Twenty20 squad, will be one of the first to use it against the unsuspecting Australians during the upcoming Ashes Test.

"The Chic feels fantastic,” Colvin gushes. “It is really light and feels great in your hands but the sweet spot is so big. Every time you middle one it speeds off the bat."

The bat, made by Sussex-based manufacturer Newbery, is smaller than the standard one used by men. It has a marginally thinner handle and a bigger sweet spot. "Women's cricket is growing in popularity and we have been inundated with girls and women of all ages to hand-craft a bat specifically for them and we think they will enjoy using the Chic," Neil Lenham, Newbery chief executive, told the Mirror.

First the Mongoose, now the Chic, what next?

George Binoy is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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