December 7, 2009

Flintoff's socks appeal

Andrew Flintoff is finding myriad different ways to pass the time during his rehabilitation from knee surgery. This week, he has embarked on a new career as a clothing designer, after unveiling a new range of socks in time for the Christmas stocking market.

Flintoff has teamed up with the artist and illustrator, Duncan Cargill, to create what is described in a press release as a set of “unique and exclusive designs”, with “exciting illustrations and colour ways stylishly representing who they are and what they stand for”.

Flintoff’s offerings include a red sock with white trimmings, a navy blue sock with a red autographed “Freddie” monicker, and a garish green-and-yellowed striped variety, as modelled opposite. Quite what those say about his personality is anyone’s guess, but they are available for £9.99 a pop from, with all proceeds going to the Andrew Flintoff Foundation.

Andrew Miller is the former UK editor of ESPNcricinfo and now editor of The Cricketer magazine

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