September 30, 2010

Indian cricket

Etiquette, Dhoni's calling card

Sidharth Monga

If you were to enlist the numerous challenges of being India captain, you certainly wouldn't have included having to deal with a mobile phone (also being used as a voice recorder) going off in front of you during a press conference. That's exactly what happened during MS Dhoni's pre-match conference in Mohali when a phone went off with a Bollywood song as the ring tone. Dhoni, known for his unique way of dealing with situations, answered the call, suggesting – for a second – that it could have been his own phone that was ringing. “Sir, thodi der baad phone kariyega [Please call in a bit].” Little would the caller have known that the India captain would be answering the call. Also, here's hoping the reporter whose phone it actually was, will put the offline mode to use next time.


Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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