August 24, 2012

Australian cricket

Bradman "disliked" by 1970s Australian players

Abhishek Mukherjee

Don Bradman was Australia's iconic cricket figure, but former batsman Gary Cosier reveals the dislike for Bradman by "many players" of the 1970s as he "ran Australian cricket", in an interview with the Courier Mail.

"There was an intense, I don't know if hatred is the right word, but dislike (for Bradman).

"Plenty of the players were carrying on about Bradman and saying they couldn't stand him. As long as Bradman was alive, they thought he kind of ran Australian cricket, and they didn't like that."

Cosier, 59, believes the breakaway war which led to day-night cricket in coloured clothes was about Packer versus Bradman as much as it was about anything else. "Between Kerry Packer and Don Bradman there was never going to be a coming together of the minds," Cosier said.


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