September 8, 2012

Indian cricket

Tendulkar is best judge of where he stands

Abhishek Mukherjee

Former India coach John Wright, in his column in the Asian Age, says how Sachin Tendulkar fared in the New Zealand Test series is irrelevant; he will know when it is time for him to exit his stage, before someone decides to push him off it.

Retirement is such a personal thing. You’ve played and fought for your team and country with every sinew and ounce of effort, with pride and determination for all so many years. Through good times and the bad, through personal triumphs and milestones and meet with those two impostors, victory and defeat, almost on a daily basis.

For any champion those inner drivers are your constant companions throughout your career. They are with you at the start and they remain till the end. Through self-analysis and critique, it is these basic tools that will automatically begin to weigh upon a champion’s mind. And help him reach a decision. You know when you are not loving the game as you did or your performances are not meeting the standards you have set yourself. So the decision to retire becomes almost obvious and simple and the natural thing to do.


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